4 Reasons Fall is Great for Seattle Gardeners

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Spring gets praised for its baby lambs and fresh flowers. But the pre-summer season isn’t the only season deserving of high praise. Fall also has a lot to offer – especially if you’re a Seattle gardener. To get you in the mood, we’ve put together our top five reasons we love fall.


Giving Plants a Head Start!

Fall is a wonderful time to add perennials and shrubs to your garden. If you wait until spring to plant these beauties, you could be waiting a long time. In large part this is because you’ll need the ground to thaw and the threat of a freeze to have past.

By starting these hearty plants in the fall, you give them an opportunity to begin establishing their root system. This can make for a more lush and stunning garden come spring and summer.

Less Watering

During the summer, it can feel like all you do is water-water-water! As the weather begins to turn, the days grow shorter and photosynthesis (the process of plants use sunlight to process food) slows. This means your plants need less water. And, Mother Nature helps provide some of the H20, as the Seattle area welcomes its classic bouts of drizzly days.

Bulbs Can ‘Winter Over’

In order for flowers like tulips, daffodils, and irises to produce beautiful, and vibrant blooms come spring, they need to ‘winter over’. Fall’s uniquely tempered weather – not too hot like during the summer or too cold like during the winter – allows your bulbs to establish a root system without being stressed. (Stress can diminish the vibrancy of your blooms and the life-span of your bulbs.)

Great Sales

From deals at the nursery to great sales at your local Seattle outdoor furniture store (yep…we’re talking about us right now) – fall is a great time to save on your garden updates!

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