4 Reasons We Love Kingsley Bate Furniture

Beautiful Adriondack chairs by Kingsley Bate

At Summer House, we carefully select our collection of premium outdoor furniture based on elegance, durability, and value. We do so because we believe your outdoor furniture is an investment.

Among the brands we carry is Kingsley Bate. We didn’t choose them by accident. We did so because they offer stunning pieces that stand the test of time. There are a lot of reasons to love Kingsley Bate’s outdoor furniture. The following are our top four: 

1. Premium Quality Teak

The beauty and durability of teak is due to the natural oils and rubber found within the wood. This is what allows teak to sustain intense weather, high volumes of water, and changes in temperature.

But, not all teak is equal. Some wood is stronger. Why? Because like all trees, teak grows out. The innermost wood is the most valuable. It’s accumulated the highest levels of rubber and oil.

Because teak is so prized, some growers like to harvest as often as possible. Not only is this destructive to the environment, it leads to builders using ‘sapwood’ – the outer edges of the teak which are lower oils and rubber.

Kingsley Bate only uses high-quality wood with high levels of oils and rubber.

2. Committed to Environmental Responsibility

The high value of teak has led to the indiscriminate deforestation of the rainforests. Committed to sustainably sourced teak. Kingsley Bate doesn’t believe in this practice. This is why they only use teak harvested from carefully controlled plantations that are operated using sustainable planting and growing practices.

Kingsley Bate only uses high-quality wood with high levels of oils and rubber. This is just one of the reasons we love their brand.

3. Precise Mortise and Tenon Joinery

For thousands of years, craftsmen have used mortise and tenon joinery to build furniture. The practice requires no nails or fasteners. Rather, it involves creating precise joints which carefully fit two pieces of wood together securely.

4. High-Quality Mix-Materials

Though originally Kingsley Bate focused on all teak furniture, they’ve expanded their product lines to include mixed material options. Their stainless steel designs use #304 grade stainless – the industry standard for premium durability.

Additionally, Kingsley Bate utilizes all-weather wicker in their woven designs. This allows them to provide long-lasting durability with the elegant look of a bayside cottage.

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