Tasty Brunch Drinks to Savor


From dressed up hot chocolate and fruit-loaded smoothies to sweet cocktails and creamy eggnog, this collection of drinks is perfect for brunch!

Because what is better than savoring a cocktail on the patio with a plate of eggs? This year, let’s make brunch exceptional.

Layered Mocha

This layered mocha recipe features layers of hot espresso, thick cream, and luscious chocolate. It is the kind of morning pick-me-up that gives you a boost of energy while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Salted Nutella Latte

If you are in the mood for an ultra-simple and ultra-indulgent cup, this Salted Nutella Latte from The Faux Martha has your name written all over it. It is as simple as hot milk with melted Nutella swirled throughout. And oh, is it good.

Rosemary Soda

From the lovely blog, my name is yeh, this Rosemary Soda is bright and fresh. It is wonderful enjoyed as is. But it also welcomes a glug of gin or a splash of vodka.

Bourbon Slush Punch

Brilliantly proportioned, Smitten Kitchen’s Bourbon Slush Punch is filled with fruit and zipped up with bourbon. This is the kind of morning libation meant to be enjoyed on a leisurely Saturday.

Weekday Eggnog

Egg yolk heavy, this Weekday Eggnog is exquisitely creamy. It is loaded with fresh nutmeg. It's extremely kid-friendly. And if you want to add a glug bourbon, it also welcomes this adult addition.

Roasted Strawberry Milkshake

From Not Without Salt, we get this Roasted Strawberry Milkshake. The natural sweetness of strawberries is taken even further in the oven, as the berries begin to caramelize and their flavor deepens in the heat.

Hard Cider Spritz Campari Cocktail

This bright, fruit-forward cocktail is loaded with antioxidants and flavor. Created by Family Style Food, the Hard Cider Spritz Campari Cocktail will quickly become a brunch staple in your house!

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