Your 1-2-3 Guide to the Ultimate Mother’s Day Brunch

Moms work incredibly hard. Celebrate them this Mother's Day!

Whether you’re 4-years-old or 40, it’s easy to forget how much mom does for you. But mom’s are epic. And, they’re always working. Except this Mother’s Day.

Because this Mother’s Day you’re going to throw mom the best Mother’s Day brunch ever.

Get her out of the house by moving brunch to the patio. Make a spread she’ll love. Invite her to relax with a great cocktail. And, shower her with gifts she’ll cherish. Here’s your simple 3-step guide: 

Mother's Day Brunch Guide

1. Great Food

Take it up a notch. Skip the typical fruit salad and pancake fare. This is Mother’s Day. This is about indulging. It’s about putting out a spread worthy of your mom. And, it’s about getting to spend time together. The following three recipes are perfect for just that. Bon Appetit’s bacon-y, buttery quiche can be prepped in advance. Bake ahead of time and serve at room temperature. Or, put it in the oven an hour before you plan to eat!

For those mom’s who are worried about too much indulging, Molly Wizenberg’s Whole Wheat Date Scones are the perfect balance between healthy and sweet. Plus, you can freeze and bake them to order!

And last, but not least, shakshuka offers a luscious twist on eggs. Simmered in a fragrant, spicy tomato sauce until the whites have just set, it can be served family style in the pan. Pair it with thickly sliced bread for sopping up extra egg yolk!


2. Awesome Cocktails

If mom’s a wine gal, than by all means make sure you have her favorite on hand. But if she likes an inventive cocktail, try these on for size. This Strawberry Rose Gin Fizz is bright and refreshing. And this Raspberry Acai Frozen Margarita is filled with sweet goodness.


Fabulous Gifts

And now, onto the gifts. Moms are typically the one giving. So this Mother’s Day – make sure she’s getting.

A gas fire pit is a no-muss, no-fuss gift that she can enjoy on a regular basis. All she has to do it turn that bad boy on! Outfitting her patio with bright, new pillows is an affordable way to makeover her outdoor space. Or, you might also consider a pedicure gift certificate, awesome new coffee mug or fun framed photo of you and mom.


Check out our selection of fire pits to pick one that’s perfect for mom!