13 Warm Drinks Perfect for the Patio

hot chocolate

It is time to get cozy. And, there are few better ways than with a warm drink. Whether you are hosting a party, curling up with a good book or celebrating date-night in, the following drinks will add a bit of magic to your day (or night).

Easy Chai Tea

Chai is often reserved for a visit to your local café. But with Real Simple’s simple recipe, it is never been easier to indulge in this flavorful cup at home. The beauty of crushed spices and cinnamon sticks are given an additional pump with ginger and tea bags, for a quick chai-fix.

Warm Mulled Cider

A big pot of warm mulled cider is a must for holiday gatherings. This easy recipe from Kitchn brings together the brightness of apple cider and the warmth of mulling spices in a cookpot, so you don’t have to sacrifice any space on your stovetop!


This one isn't warm, but it's too good not to include. This egg yolk heavy, cream-loaded extravaganza from Baguette Taste – Wonder Bread Budget is sweet and rich and packed with fresh nutmeg. It is not the boozy concoction that you make months in advance and let age. Rather, it is a stovetop simmering, labor of love that can be enjoyed without getting tipsy. (Though, it does welcome a jig or two of rum…if that is your thing.)

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Float

With candy cane hot cocoa mix, Cook the Story takes traditional hot cocoa to the next level. Adding a scoop of chocolate ice cream to the cup helps add a rich creaminess to the hot cocoa and a whole lot of fun. Because, who doesn’t like an ice cream float? (Answer: No one!)

Golden Latte

For the lactose intolerant loves in your life, this dairy-free spiced drink from Martha Stewart brings the warmth and creaminess of a traditional latte, without the milk. The lovely golden hue comes from turmeric, a spice that is particularly good for you this time of year. It is blended with fresh ginger, cinnamon, honey and coconut oil, adding to the calming nature of this delightful brew.

Dirty Snowmen

Can’t take the snow any longer? Delish has the solution. This Dirty Snowmen recipe is a luscious, boozy concoction loaded with chocolate, ice cream, and Baileys!

Hot Buttered Rum

Feel like you are cold to your bones? Hot buttered rum delivers a libations jolt of heat that will stick to your insides, thanks to a healthy bit of butter.

Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

Sweet, with a touch of spice and a touch of sour, this warm drink from The Spruce Eats is one the whole family will love. Plus, it is great for anyone who is coming down with a little case of the sniffles!

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Fabulous hot chocolate doesn’t require multiple ingredients. Quick hot chocolate doesn’t have to mean chalky pre-made packets. Once you try this two-ingredient, supper fast Nutella Hot Chocolate from Genius Kitchen, you will never go back. It is creamy and loaded with flavor and oh, so, satisfying.

Matcha White Hot Chocolate

Think hot chocolate has to be dark and completely indulgent? Think again! This rich and creamy white chocolate version from Epicurious delivers the same creaminess as traditional cocoa with tropical notes. Plus, matcha powder gives it a boost of caffeine and a fun, bold green color.

Thick and Creamy Hot Vanilla

While many of us are all about the hot cocoa, we also love to have a few different dairy-free versions on hand. This fabulous Thick and Creamy Hot Vanilla from Oatmeal with a Fork also happens to be vegan and paleo!

Tahini Hot Chocolate

You really can never have too many hot chocolate recipes, can you? In another twist on the traditional winter go-to, this hot cocoa from my name is yeh uses tahini to help thicken the drink, along with coconut milk. That means this one is another great vegan option!

Drinking Caramel Recipe

Don’t assume caramel is only for eating! A Spicy Perspective breaks down this sticky treat into a luscious dessert drink that is a sure hit at any party!

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