2017 Patio Holiday Shopping Guide (Part 2)

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Sometimes buying the right gift is about a lot more than what looks nice. It’s about finding the perfect piece to fit your loved one’s space.

Last week we shared five of our favorite outdoor furniture pieces right now. This week we’re going to focus on our top tips for finding the right piece for your patio. Use the following tips to make your shopping trip a success.

Measure Your Space

This is our number one piece of advice for anyone shopping for indoor or outdoor furniture. Measuring your space is essential. Because the size and shape of your patio plays the biggest role in determining which piece (or pieces) is right for you.

You want your furniture to fit your outdoor space while leaving enough room for you and your friends to move around comfortably. Before you head to the store to start looking at items, measure the length and depth of your patio. Write those measurements down and bring them with you. One of our design professionals at the store can help you look at pieces that will fit your space.

Consider How You Want Your Furniture Oriented

Additionally, spend a bit of time considering how you want your furniture oriented. Are you trying to take advantage of a view? Do you want to create a communal gathering place around a fire pit? Sometimes where your furniture will go on your patio will play a role in determining which pieces you want.

Consider How You Want to Use Your Outdoor Space

To make the space as enjoyable and functional as possible, it’s important to consider how you want to use your patio. Do you primarily want your patio to be a quiet retreat just for you? Will it be the location of dinner parties or cocktail gatherings? The more people you plan to have gathered on your patio, the more seating you’ll typically need.

Explore some of our favorite outdoor pieces.