3 Elements of a Swoon-Worthy Patio

Outdoor sectional with large cushions provides the maximum in comfort.

Have you ever wondered what it is about a “luxury resort” that makes it feel so special? Is it the special cocktails delivered you can savor at your own leisure? Is it the stunning transition between indoor and outdoor spaces? Is it the comfortable lounge chairs? The simple answer: YES! YES! YES!

It’s all of these things and so, so much more. But why do you have to wait until you visit a high-end resort to experience this delightful bit of pampering? What if you could treat yourself to your own private moment of ahhhh?

With a few tips, you can create a swoon-worthy patio at home.

With a great cocktail, lounge-worthy outdoor sectional, and moody ambient lighting, you can create an outdoor oasis worthy of a luxury resort.

The Cocktails

There’s nothing wrong with a nice glass of wine or a good beer. But one of the treats of visiting a luxury destination are the drinks that bring a little bit of intrigue to the party. Heather Christo’s Blood Orange Tequila Mint Fizz is just such a drink. It’s loaded with vitamins. (This is of course great when you might have a second round of cocktails.) It’s filled with the bright flavor of mint. And, it brings a bit of fun from the fizzy soda.

Overstuffed Chairs

Comfort. Serious comfort. That’s what a swoon-worthy patio is all about. And, nothing says comfort like overstuffed chairs. Look for a large outdoor sectional that allows you to stretch out. Select one with a sturdy back and deep, large cushions for maximum comfort. We’re quite partial to the Venture collection by Gloster. Constructed from teak, it’s low maintenance and ultra-cozy.



When you want the indoors to flow seamlessly into the outdoors, lighting is essential. It’s ideal for your outdoor lighting to be both beautiful and functional. These outdoor solar lights turn on with a remote control, charge throughout the day, and offer an ambient glow that brings some va va voom to any space.


Stay tuned for more tips about creating a luxury outdoor space. Until then, peruse more outdoor sectionals perfect for relaxing.