3 Fabulous New Year’s Resolutions for Smiling More


Make your New Year’s resolutions ones that improve your health, strengthen your relationships, and fill your life with joy. 

Resolution 1: Grow Something Edible

In general, gardening is a natural mood booster. The fresh air. The act of caring for and fostering the growth of a living thing. The activity. What makes gardening even better? Growing something you can eat!

Edible gardening means that you don’t just look at your hard work. You savor it too.

How to Make It Happen: Winter will be over before you know it. Start planning your spring planting session with these helpful tips.

Resolution 2: Slow Down

In today’s digitally powered world, it seems as though we’re all constantly rush, rush, rushing around. Doesn’t it? In 2018, how about we all slow down a little? How about we take a few minutes (or a whole hour) every day just for us? Let's make 2018 a time for reading books, talking with loved ones, and listening to music?

How to Make It Happen: Give yourself somewhere comfortable to unplug that’s beyond the standard routine. You want this place to be a refuge where you can rest and refuel. And, we happen to think your patio makes the perfect destination, especially if it’s outfitted with a comfortable lounger.

Resolution 3: Savor More Sunshine (without getting sunburnt)

Even in the Pacific Northwest, Mother Nature’s rays can be bright and harsh. When summer rolls around, don’t let a little sunshine keep you from your patio. Go outside. Enjoy the sun. Just make sure to protect yourself so you don’t get burnt.

How to Make It Happen: An umbrella! A patio umbrella is one of the best ways to be outdoors and protect yourself at the same time. We carry a wide variety of options. Our cantilever umbrellas are a consistent favorite. Their ability to rotate 360 degrees provides the maximum amount of flexibility for where and how you want to sit.