4 Creative Ways to Light Your Patio

4 Creative Ways to Light Your Patio

These long summer nights have been enjoyable. As fall comes and the days grow shorter, there is no reason to run indoors. Rather, light your patio using these four creative suggestions.


String Lights

Few things are more beautiful during the evening than the soft glow of string lights canopied overhead. Extremely affordable, you can use them liberally without breaking your budget.

When it comes to string lights though, there are a couple things to keep in mind. The first is having a practical place to attach them. This might mean you string them from the house to a tree or fence. Or it could mean you need to construct a pole or structure of some kind to which they can be attached.

Additionally, you will need to power them. There are some battery operated string lights and some string lights equipped with solar power. Typically though, string lights need to be plugged into outlets. If these are the kind of lights you purchase, you’ll need to plan accordingly.


Starlight Market Umbrella

With an impressive 11-foot diameter, the Starlight Market Umbrella offers a multi-functional addition to your patio. During the day it provides shade. During the evening it offers light.



Candles offer a fun and natural glow. If you place them in a lantern, they can be added to tabletops or set around your patio.


Fire Pit

Fire pits offer another fun and natural light source. Plus, as the temperature drops, they bring warmth to your outdoor space. You might even think about hosting a s’mores party.



Going the complete opposite direction from fire pits and candles, you might bring a little of the inside out by positioning a few lamps around your patio furniture. (This will probably require running an extension cord or two from an outlet. Just be sure to tape them down or lay an outdoor rug over them so no one trips.)


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