4 Hot Drinks to Enjoy on Your Patio

warm hot chocolate

If you have spent much time living in the Seattle area, you too have probably learned the best hand warmer is the kind you can sip. The daily cup-a-joe, for which Starbucks has made our region so famous, fortifies both fingertips and bellies against the chill of cloudy, sometimes drizzly, days.

Yes, fall has gotten off to a rather mild start. In fact, summer has lingered so long we feel a bit spoiled. As the cooler evenings are beginning to arrive, we’re not quite ready to see our patios slip into their winter hibernation.

We still want to be outside. We want to spend the days soaking up the sun and the evenings relishing fresh air on our faces. Don’t you?

One of our favorite tricks for extending our patio adventures is a hot drink. Fun and flavorful, these beverages pack a warming punch that’s just right for a brisk evening outdoors. 

warm winter drinks

Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider

Here in Washington, apples are a staple. Bright and crisp, they take on a tart sweetness when you turn them into cider. In this Mulled Apple Cider, Emily Han introduces the seasonal twist of cranberries.

Spiced Irish Coffee

What Seattle hot drink list would be complete without a coffee option? In her Spiced Irish Coffee, Nicole Branan combines whisky and pumpkin spiced whipped cream for a caffeine pick-me-up that’s packed with all kinds of fun.

Orange Bourbon Tea

Joy Wilson’s lovely combination of bourbon, lemon, and ginger is hit with fresh nutmeg and honey for a tea that’ll fortify you against any chill.

Mexican Spiced Hot Cocoa

While at times we are fans of the 100 percent DIY route, the use of hot cocoa mix suits us just fine with Real Simple’s Mexican Spiced Hot Cocoa. The sweetness is tempered by a delightful touch of ground chipotle for a heat that’ll make your cheeks flush.

What’s one of your favorite warm drinks?