4 Nontraditional Gifts to Add to Your Wedding Registry

Happy couple on the patio

Do you already have a set of dishes that suit you just fine? Are you happy with your towels and uninterested in replacing your fry pans? You don’t have to register for those items.

Back in the day, folks got married a lot younger. It was typically their first time on their own and they didn’t have all the household goods they needed. But if you’ve already outfitted your pad with all the wine glasses, cheese platters, and spatulas you can handle, why replace them? 

Instead, register for something you want, but don’t have. The following ideas aren’t what you’d typically find on a wedding registry. But they can offer you oodles of enjoyment.


Wall Décor

For most of us, wall décor is one of those splurges we hesitate to make. But wall décor can fill your home with tons of personality and style. As two become one, let your home reflect the same. Update your décor with pieces that represent the two of you. This could be new prints or framed photographs. It might include mirrors or decorative wall hooks.


Patio Furniture

Give yourself an outdoor space where you’ll enjoying as much as cuddling. Aim for outdoor pieces that can be rearranged as needed. Multi-piece sectionals are often a good choice as they can be reconfigured into multiple different layouts.


Outdoor Games

Do you have a lawn? Or even a smallish patio? Infuse it with fun. Badminton and croquet can bring some movement to your space. Ladder Toss is another fun game that can be easily stored and doesn’t have to take up a lot of room.


BBQ & Grill Accessories

Not ready to relegate your cooking life to the kitchen. You don’t have to. Register for a BBQ and grill accessories. (In most relationships one half grills and one half cooks, so this is also a good way to keep everyone involved in meal prep!)


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