4 Patio Lanterns to Set the Mood


Whether you want to transform your patio into the ultimate staycation or you’re planning on some lively summer entertaining, setting the mood is essential. And, there’s no better way to set the mood than with the right lighting.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, it is ideal to pick pieces that are beautiful during the evening and the day. Too often, patio lighting is designed to look great when the sun goes down. Unfortunately, before sunset comes awkward fixtures and long cords can be a bit of an eyesore. That’s not what you want in a decadent outdoor escape.

As with any other area of your home, function and beauty should operate seamlessly. At Summer House, that’s one of our passions. We believe your patio should be as comfortable as it is beautiful.

To help you create that perfect mood, we’ve rounded up four of our favorite lanterns.


Rechargeable LED Lantern (pictured above)
By far one of our top picks, this beautiful piece gives off a gentle glow. Its teak frame offers a sophisticated look that works well with nearly every décor. And, the rechargeable battery can last for more than four hours.


Wire Lanterns

1466195526-9029-Wire-LanternsCombining natural rope with a wireframe, these stunning accessories can be hung from hooks or placed atop a table.


Wood Framed Lanterns

1466195526-2041-Wood-Framed-LanternsThe au naturel look of these lanterns casts an open glow. They’re beautiful during the day and create stunning shadows during the evening.


Faux Marble Lanterns

1466195527-6258-Faux-Marble-LanternsFor the elegant touch, these tabletop lanterns in faux marble offer a bit of modern sophistication.


Stop by our Seattle or Bellevue store to see them firsthand.


Globe String Lights – With an almost retro vibe, globe string lights add a little va va voom to your yard. They look great strung along a fence or the outside of the house. But, where they really shine is overhead. String them above your yard to create a floating ceiling.