4 Small Patio Design Myths

4 Small Patio Design Myths

“My patio’s too small to be enjoyed.” “I don’t have enough outdoor space to even begin doing anything with it.” “There’s nowhere to put a big lounge chair so I can’t enjoy my patio.”

We’ve heard it all. The number of small patio design myths abound. We’re here to assuage the four most common. 


There’s not Enough Space to Garden

When we think about homes in general, there is a tendency to define them by the square footage under our feet. But, patios are made up of a lot more than just the ground! When you don’t have enough space to garden out – it’s time to start gardening up. While hanging baskets and wall planters require a little more effort and creativity to install, they can also offer way more beauty.

Your patio might not be huge, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t garden. With the right growing beauties, your patio might even become your favorite room.


My Furniture Will Never Be Comfortable

Most of the time magazines feature sprawling patios with overstuffed outdoor furniture. They seem to nearly resemble a living room! Yes, large outdoor couches can be extremely comfortable. Unfortunately, they’re not practical for the small patio.

Think this means you’re relegated to small, uncomfortable chairs? Nope! Multiple sleek designs feature luxurious chairs that offer comfortable seats and ergonomically correct backs.


I’ll Never Have any Privacy

Yes. You’re sure to have less privacy on a small patio in the city. But, this by no means relegates you to sharing your private time outdoors with the entire world. By utilizing screens and potted shrubs appropriately, you can create an outdoor oasis.


My Guests Wont’ Enjoy It

Do you assume your guests won’t enjoy an awesome outdoor retreat with sleek, comfortable chairs and fabulously funky décor? Think again!

While most folks won’t want to go stand outside on a cold slab of undecorated concrete, they’ll love to gather for a conversation around small tabletop decorate with lanterns. The key is to make your patio, no matter the size, inviting.


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