5 Awesome Ways to Host an Outdoor Party

Outdoor party

Spring is just around the corner. Host a fabulous party on the patio. Get outdoors. Soak up some Mother Nature. Fill your days and evenings with grilled appetizers, warm cocktails, and fireside chats.

The following five tips showcase how to take your backyard from winter burr to celebratory cheer.


Bring the Heat

The first must have is to bring the heat. Adding an outdoor fire pit to your patio creates a naturally gathering beacon. Put it at the center of your patio and place your seats around it. For added warmth, consider positioning one or two patio heaters nearby. This will up the warmth factor.


Provide Bundle-Up Extras

Don’t count on your guests coming with enough warm clothing. Make sure to have extra blankets on hand. A fire and a patio heater can do wonders, but blankets adds that extra little bit of coziness that will make your guests love to linger.


Toast With Warmth

Once spring hits, we’ll be all about the bright and fruity cocktails. But right now, we’re trying to stay warm and toasty. Spiked hot chocolate is always nice. So too is the classic Manhattan. We’re also quite partial to a Hot Toddy. The idea is something that’ll warm you up from in the inside out.


Grilled Apps

Like your cocktails, go for warm appetizers. And preferably, ones that are easy to prep and assemble. A DIY grilled toast bar is always a fun treat. Pre-sliced bread, ready for your guests to throw on the BBQ and a variety of accouterments works great. If you have 2 – 3 cheeses, 2 – 3 meets, and a few spreads, that’ll do nicely.



If gets dark early this time of year. Make sure your patio has plenty of light. Outdoor string lights are a great way to great a festive vibe. Solar powered lanterns work well too. And for the ultra chic design, nothing sets the mood quite like candles.


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