5 Elements of a Multi-Season Outdoor Retreat

5 Elements of a Multi-Season Outdoor Retreat

If you were in the Seattle area this past weekend, you were hit by a “somewhat” intense storm. There was windy. There was rainy. At times, there was a bit cold.

But, luckily the weather’s not always so bleak in our Pacific Northwest slice of heaven. While it rains from time-to-time, there are multiple fall evenings that seem designed for ducking outside and enjoying some fresh air – assuming you are prepared.

To make sure your backyard patio is a multi-season outdoor retreat, incorporate these five elements. 


Fire Pit

When it’s cold outside you need to bring the heat. And, nothing does that better than a real fire. With fire pits, you have multiple options. The classic wood fire pit can give your backyard a campfire vibe. This is ideal for gals who like to roast marshmallows and gents who like to see how much wood they can pile on.

Biofuel fire pits offer a more elegant approach. The fuel is housed in small containers, resulting in a very clean setup. Gas fire pits are another easy on and easy off option. Both biofuel and gas fire pits come in standalone and table top varieties.



If you’re looking to cuddle up, make sure you have a blanket (or two) on hand. Ideal outdoor blankets are easy to wash and are dark in color so they don’t show any potential stains.


Outdoor Wine Glasses

What’s a good outdoor party without a cocktail? Make sure to have a few outdoor wine glasses on hand so you and your guests can take your drinks outside.

(Here are a few cocktail suggestions.)


Patio Heater

Like a fire pit, a patio heater will help you warm up your outdoor space. They offer up to 10-foot radius of warmth. Position one near your communal space to draw the crowd in close.



There are so many ways to light your patio, but one of our favorite choices is lanterns. Lanterns offer both beauty and function. Plus, they can be easily moved and repurposed indoors when desired.


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