5 Fall Porch Decoration Ideas You and Your Kids Will Love

Fall porch decorating ideas you and your kids will love.

Fall’s cooler weather doesn’t mean the end of outdoor entertaining and decorating. As the day’s grow shorter, now is the time to take your porch décor to the next level.

The following are some of our favorite ways to infuse your outdoor space with fun. And no, they’re not all goblins, ghouls, and bright orange pumpkins.

Use Symmetry to Your Advantage

Think beyond the door. Use the natural shape of your front walk to create a symmetrical display that gradually guides visitors to your front door. To give it an even more inviting touch, consider adding a comfy love seat to the right or left.

Repurpose Hay Bales

Think hay bales are just for farm animals? Think again. Somewhat flat, they make an excellent stand in for a table. Use them to create tiered displays.

Put Your Pine Cones to Use

Have a bunch of pine cones lying around? Gather them together and arrange them in a large basket. To give it a little more spunk, you can frost the tips of the cones with white or gold.

Remember it Doesn’t Have to be All Orange

Orange pumpkins are awesome. But, did you know pumpkins come in a variety of colors? And, if you can’t find the color you want, you can paint them! So if orange isn’t your thing, consider white and gold. Touches of blue or rust can also be lovely.

Repurpose Old Picture Frames

Love a good do-it-yourself (DIY) project? Repurpose your old picture frames into fun and funky spider webs.

Need some fall decorating tips? We have you covered.