5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Patio

5 New Years Resolutions for Your Patio

Pledging to lose weight and get healthy has been done before. In 2017, give your New Year’s resolutions a new twist. Focus less on appearance and more on personal joy.

These patio inspired New Year’s resolutions are designed to infuse your life with happiness, laughter, and relaxation. 


Spend More Time Outside

In 2017, pledge to use your patio more. Fresh air can help you feel energized. And, it can improve your mood. So get outside. Cuddle up on the patio with a book for a morning read. Slip onto the porch for a relaxing lunch. Set the dinner table outdoors.


Roast More Marshmallows

Make 2017 the year you laugh more and worry less. Make it the year you host more dinner parties – the year you throw caution to the wind and say, just one more s’more.


Host a Pizza Party

Gather friends and family for a hands-on dinner party that’s sure to make memories. An outdoor pizza party is one of the best ways to get everyone involved. Hosting it on the patio is even better because you don’t have to worry as much about creating and then cleaning a mess. Just hose the patio down when you’re finished!


Lounge More

Life these days seem pretty hectic and crazy. The more technology ‘simplifies’ our lives, the busier most of us become. It can make it difficult to keep our eye on what’s important. In 2017, vow to slow down and lounge a little more. Outfit your patio with an ultra-relaxing chair you’ll look forward to sinking into.


Grow Something

There’s something about cultivating the earth that just makes you feel at one with nature. This doesn’t mean you have to become a master gardener or have a practiced green thumb. Start with something easy – like an herb garden. It will brighten up your patio and your plate.


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