5 Reasons a Patio is Good For Your Health

happy woman in grass

Back in the day, parents frequently sent their children to play outside as a way to get some peace and quiet. But beyond keeping the adults sane, did you know frolicking in the grass and spending time outdoors is actually good for you? 

5 Reasons a Patio if Good For Your Health

1. It exposed you to fresh air.

Fresh air doesn’t just smell good. It actually saves lives. A 2014 study published in the Environmental Pollution journal revealed that the presence of stress saved 850 lives and prevented 670,000 cases of acute respiratory symptoms in just one year.


2. It helped you get plenty of sunshine.

Too much sunshine can certainly damage your skin. However, if you don’t get enough sunshine, it can bring down your mood. Sunlight and darkness each trigger hormones in your body. Sunshine triggers serotonin – a hormone directly responsible for boosting your mood and helping you feel happy. By spending more time on your patio – even if you’re sitting in the shade – you help keep your serotonin levels up.


3. It surrounded you with the color green.

Different colors naturally trigger different responses in our brain. Scientists have found green tends to helps us feel relaxed and tranquil. This is especially true for shades of green found in nature. By adorning your patio with plants, you can surround yourself with green. Adding in splashes of color, such as flowers in white and pink, can help the green pop even more.


4. It treated you to the sounds of nature.

The Acoustical Society of America found that sounds of nature, such as water flowing and wind whistling through the trees could boost your mood and improve your productivity. Depending on where you live, your patio might not be filled with natural sounds. However, you can easily play some music to mimic these sounds while you’re outdoors. This has the added benefit of drowning out any harsh city noises, helping you relax.


5. It encouraged you to garden.

Even if you’re just growing a few plants in pots, there is something incredibly cathartic about planting and tending your own garden. It can also give you an incredible sense of accomplishment as your plants flourish.


To make your patio a place you want to spend time, make sure to outfit it with comfortable chairs.