5 Summer Gardening Tips

summer gardening

With its hot days and cool nights, summer can be wonderful for your garden or incredibly harsh. It all comes down to you and how you care for your plants and flowers. Use these tips to keep your garden healthy. 

5 Summer Gardening Tips

1. Water. Water. Water!

Pay attention to the weather. In the Pacific Northwest, our hot days can range wildly. The hotter the day, the more water your garden will need. Try to water in the morning so your plants have plenty to drink throughout the day. If it’s been an extremely hot day, give them a bit more in the afternoon. While you want to be careful not to drown your plants, letting them be dehydrated for long periods of time can stunt their growth and even cause them to wither.

2. Give Your Lawn Some Food

Even during the summer months, you’ll want to think about feeding your lawn. One of the easy ways to do this is mulching – mowing your lawn without capturing the fresh clippings. These clippings breakdown, becoming fuel for your grass.

3. Weed in the Morning

The ground is typically softer in the morning when it is still cool and sometimes a bit damp. This makes it easier to pull weeds without disturbing the roots of other plants.

4. Re-Apply Deer Off

Do deer frequent your backyard? While Bambi can be beautiful, he can also cause extensive damage to your garden – trampling through flower beds and eating your growing goodies. Deer off can help deter the deer from going in places you don’t want them. Just be sure to keep it away from anything you plan to eat. It’s not edible.

5. Lightly Prune Roses as Needed

Heavy pruning is best done when your rose bushes are dormant. But during the summer, light pruning can encourage your roses to bloom a second or a third time. Using a hand pruner, cut dead blooms where the stem of the flower meets the side of the branch. Make sure to give your roses plenty of water following any pruning session.

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