5 Surefire Tips for a Fabulous Urban Patio

Urban Patio

Think there’s no hope for your urban patio? Think again! With the right approach, you can create an outdoor space you’ll love. Use these surefire tips.


Make Your Indoors Flow to Your Outdoors

One of the ways to make both your indoor space and your outdoor space appear bigger is to make them flow one into the other. By decorating them in the same style, your patio can become an extension of your home – effectively increasing the usable square footage. 


Choose Furniture You’ll Use

Yes, you need furniture that will fit the space. But, you also need furniture you’ll actually use. Rickety chairs might take up less room. But, will anyone ever sit on them?

Rather, look for slim chairs that offer support and comfort. Chairs equipped with a sling are often a good choice. It’s also nice to look for items that do double duty. For example, you might utilize a bench with built-in storage.


Grow on the Wall

Plants are a wonderful way to make your urban patio an oasis. But, finding room for every single pot can be tough. Once you’ve maxed out the space at your feet, look to your walls. Wall-mounted gardens can be a great place to display everything from succulents to herbs.


Consider a Mirror

As with any room inside your home, a mirror is a great way to visually increase the size of a space. By hanging a mirror, you can reflect your view. Plus, if you frame it in a bright color, it’ll bring a pop of fun year round.


Hang Your Lights

As the sun goes down, you don’t want the party to be forced back indoors. This is why lights are an essential part of any outdoor space. If you don’t have a lot of room, consider hanging your lights for a romantic and moody vibe.


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