6 Keys to Throwing an Awesome Bridal Shower

6 Keys to Throwing an Awesome Bridal Shower

It’s that time of year again – wedding season – when it seems like your time is spent going to weddings, planning to go to weddings or throwing bridal showers. While we can’t help much with the weddings, we do know a thing or to about bridal showers. The key to throwing an awesome bridal shower (without breaking the bank) is planning.

Use these tips and tricks to get ahead this bridal season and throw the best shower possible. 


Take it Outdoors

Don’t want to invest in fancy décor? We don’t blame you. Let Mother Nature handle (most) of the decorations by taking the party to her. While you might still want to serve food indoors, arrange seating and gathering spots outside. Just be sure you provide enough shade. The last thing your guests want is to spend the afternoon sweltering in the sun.


Embrace Your Flower Power

While Mother Nature will the handle brunt of your decorations, give her a little boost. Stock up on flowers to amplify your backyard. Arrange them yourself in spare vases, tall drinking glasses, and extra planters. You can purchase inexpensive flowers in bulk at the Pike Place Market or a roadside vendor. The blooms you select don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Just go for something fun, lively, and bright.


Opt for a Signature Drink

Stocking something for everyone can add up. Rather, offer water, juice, and a signature drink. This will cut down on your expenses without eliminating the shower’s va va voom. (Just be sure the signature drink is something the bride will enjoy.)

Stocking something for everyone can add up. Rather, offer water, juice, and a signature drink, like this Rhubarb and Jalapeño Tonic.

Repurpose Your Own Décor

Don’t worry about matching china plates and perfectly coordinated napkins. Rather, mix and match your own décor. Use the plates and cups you have on hand. If you really feel they need to be ‘fancified,’ tie ribbons around the glasses.

Additionally, take a look at the candlesticks and votives you already own. Repurpose these outdoors to create a stunning centerpiece.


Add Some Signage

Fun signs add an instant party vibe. Using everyday Kraft paper you can create whimsical signs to let guests know where the drinks are and what’s on the itinerary.


Keep Food Simple

Caviar and crab cakes may be indulgent. But, they aren’t very practical or budget friendly. Rather than throwing down on a major spread (that might very well equal your entire food budget for the month), opt for a brunch theme. You might go for frittatas, scones, and fruit salad. Or you could set up a breakfast wrap assembly line. Think bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, salsa, guacamole, and tortillas.


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