7 Gardening Mistakes Making You Think You Don’t Have a Green Thumb

Create a stunning patio by avoiding these seven key gardening mistakes.

Feel like you can’t get anything to grow? Think everyone else has a green thumb, BUT you? It might be that you’re just making one (or a few) of these critical gardening mistakes.

Everyone has a green thumb. They just need to avoid these seven gardening mistakes.

Not Feeding Your Plants

Plants don’t have digestive systems in the same way we humans do. So, it’s easy to forget that they need food too. But they do! And, that food typically comes in the form of compost or fertilizer.

Throughout the year, as your plants grow, they deplete the soil of the key nutrients they need. Make sure to add these nutrients back in during the spring so your garden can thrive.


Weeding Your Flowers

Flowers and weeds can look shockingly similar – especially when they are first starting to grow! If you’re unfamiliar with what your flowers look like as they first being to sprout, take a little time to Google.

The last thing you want is to spend precious time ‘cleaning up’ your flower bed, only to discover in a month that you pulled all your blooming beauties and left the weeds!


Drowning Your Plants

Sometimes more, is actually less. And in the case of water, this is definitely the case! Overwatering your plants drowns them. This can cause them to rot, stop growing prematurely, and even die.


Not Keeping Invasive Varieties Contained

Some plants grow in their own little area. Others spread. And they keep spreading. These are known as invasive varieties.

In a lot of ways, invasive plants are like weeds. They’re incredibly hard to control. However, there are times you want some of these ‘invasive varieties.’ Take mint for example.

To keep invasive varieties in your garden without letting them take over, plant them in a container. If you use a pot with holes at the bottom, make sure you periodically cut any roots that try to escape.


Planting in too much Shade or Sun

Different plants need differing amounts of shade. For example, tomatoes need LOTS of sun. On the other hand, Rosemary can get by with minimal sun exposure.

Before you plant, make sure to take a look at the specific needs of your flowers, shrubs, herbs, and vegetables. The sun moves throughout the year. If the same location won’t fulfill the needs of your garden year round, you might consider planting in pots. This will allow you to reposition items as needed.


Overdoing it With the Pesticides

Moss and weeds are overtaking your planters? It can be a headache. But, don’t go hog wild with the pesticides.

While it will certainly kill off the unwanted weeds, it can make your soil toxic to future plants – at least for a while.


Thinking Furry Critters Won’t Find Your Plants

You LOVE tulips and you want to plant them throughout your entire garden. We get it. We love them too. But, so do all the furry critters, like squirrels and bunnies.

Before you plant, make sure to consider what wildlife is in your area and whether or not they’ll look at your new additions as dinner!


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