7 Tips to Throw an End of Summer Party

7 Tips to Throw an End of Summer Party

Fall. The colors. The candied apples. The crisp air. It’s so close we can almost taste it. But as much fun as wearing sweaters and sipping hot cocoa can be, we’re not quite ready to let go of summer.

If you ask us, there’s no better way to celebrate summer than with a party. No matter how big or small your patio, these tips will help you host the most epic end of summer party ever. 


Bring the Color

Are the last of your summer blooms starting to look a little worse for wear? Infuse your patio with alternative sources of bright and festive colors. Consider a few tabletop decorations, such as painted lanterns and papier-mâché banners. Or incorporate a few fun tablecloths.


Add Some Signage

Make your decorations functional by adding creative signage to your patio. You might use a blackboard to clearly designate the drink area. You could use place cards to tell guests what hors d’oeuvres you’re serving. Have a special surprise dessert, slideshow or contest planned? Put up a sign letting guests know what time it’ll take place.


DIY A Photo Booth

Few things add more silly goodness to a party than a photo booth. Pick up some props at you local craft store. (These could include stick mustaches and funny stick hats.) Arrange them on a small table near a brightly lit corner of your patio. Then, invite your guests to capture their best silly selfie.


Light it Up

Partying past sunset can be delightful, assuming there’s at least some light for guests to see one another. Consider adding string lights to your patio to create a glowing canopy. You might also incorporate candles (real or electric) to bring a bit of a sultry vibe. Or you could bring a little of the indoors out with a few lamps from your living room and bedroom.


Finger Food Fun

You might love planning a tablescape, but consider your space. If you don’t have a formal sit-down area outside, why bring the party inside just for dinner? Rather opt for finger foods that allows guests to graze while standing.


Don’t Stop the Music

Don’t stop the music for anything. Tunes are essential to every good party. Chances are pretty good your patio isn’t equipped with outdoor speakers. That’s okay. You can accomplish the same thing with a Bluetooth speaker synced to your phone. Create a playlist prior to the party, turn it on, and let it run.


Comfortable Seating

As much as you want guests to mingle, you also want them to be comfortable. Make sure your patio is equipped with comfortable seating.


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