7 Ways to Stay Cool On Your Patio

patio umbrella

While the oppressive heat dome has seemed to break in the Seattle area, the summer here is still promising to be a hot one. With patio and backyard weather on the foreseeable horizon, use these tips to make your outdoor sanctuary as cool and comfortable as possible. 

1. Make Shade a Priority

While we all need a little Vitamin D, staying out of the sun is hands down the best way to stay cool. The Pacific Northwest is blessed with a plethora of trees. But that doesn’t always mean your patio or backyard will be well-shaded — especially when the sun is at its peak.

A patio umbrella gives you the ability to create shade where there is none. These are a few of our favorites:

  • Treasure Garden 10’x13′ Rectangle Cantilever Umbrella — Cantilever umbrellas are particularly useful because they can rotate 360 degrees, giving you a lot of flexibility. This is the largest of our cantilever umbrellas. It also has a tilt and lock mechanism, which lets you angle the shade. 
  • Treasure Garden 9’ Starlux Umbrella — We’re big fans of outdoor furniture which does double duty, like this 9-foot patio umbrella that shades you during the day and helps you light up the backyard at night. 
  • Treasure Garden 10’ Shanghai Umbrella — For those who want to add a little style to their backyard, the Shanghi umbrella offers an elegant 10-foot canopy.

2. Drink Something Cool

Hydration is one of the keys to regulating your temperature. Water is the obvious best choice, but we all know that there are times when you want something with a little more ‘flavor.’ 

In fact, there are some drinks which may very will be considered summer in a glass — like a margarita. Discover some of our favorite margaritas.

3. Indulge in a Cold Treat

Ice cream cones. Popsicles. Chilled fruit. All of these sweet treats will help you stay cool from the inside out. Plus, they are fun!

4. Choose Furniture Designed for a Warm Day

The best materials for withstanding extreme heat are synthetic resin and teak. They can hold up to the intense sunshine. Furthermore, the resin can be cooled down quickly with a splash of water, while teak doesn’t typically retain as much heat as something like cast aluminum or wrought iron. 

A few of our favorite pieces include:

  • Gloster Loop Seating — The beautiful teak and generously deep cushions on these chairs make them particularly comfortable. 
  • Nardi Net Dining — These sturdy outdoor dining chairs are made of colored synthetic resin that’s both beautiful and durable. 
  • Kingsley Bate Chelsea Seating — This classic collection fits with all decors and offers the maximum in comfort. 

5. Take a Dip

In addition to shade, staying cool is all about water. Did you see the note to hydrate and indulge in a cold treat above? Getting your toes and/or body into water is another great trick. 

If you have a pool, that’s fabulous. If you don’t, give your feet a bath. Fill a basin with water (and maybe some ice) and stick your toes in. You might even consider filling a kiddy pool with some water so you can sit in it. 

6. Create Your Own Breeze

It’s nice when Mother Nature brings a breeze on a hot day. Unfortunately, when you need it most she often doesn’t comply. But with the help of a fan, you can make your own.

If you don’t have an outlet close enough, use a long, outdoor extension cord. Take stock of how hot it will be where the cord is exposed to the sun though. You may consider covering it with towels to prevent any damage from the sun. 

7. Dine Al Fresco

Eating outside is one of the best parts of summer. And, by doing your cooking outdoors, you avoid heating up the house. It’s a win-win. Discover some of our favorite outdoor grill recipes. They’re so tasty, your patio might become your new favorite restaurant. 

Need helping finding a patio umbrella or new patio furniture? Stop by our Seattle of Bellevue stores today.