9 Backyard Designs Perfect for the Seattle Area

9 Backyard Designs Perfect for the Seattle Area
We love looking through Pinterest for fun designs and inspiration. These are some pins we’ve been digging lately that would be perfect in the Seattle area. 

Casual and approachable, this deck-yard combo capitalizes on the cottage-style vibe of the home with the simple look of adirondack chairs. The result is an outdoor space that’s perfect for spending time with the kids and entertaining friends.

We don’t have to tell you it rains in Seattle. But, rain doesn’t have to drive you indoors. Thine fully covered and enclosed outdoor space allows you experience some of the best parts of the outdoors without the showers. Here, beautiful teak furniture adds a luxurious space to relax.

When your home and nature become one it can bring a sense of calm to your life. We love this Pacific Northwest outdoor space that invites you to relish the trees and breath a little deeper.

Pairing comfortable chairs with an outdoor fire pit makes for a space that beckons you and guests to gather outside. Here, the view stands center stage for a magnificent escape from the everyday.

Sometimes, we just need a little color in our lives. Here, bright yellow cushions pair with green foliage for a look that’s infused with life.

We’re always proponents of dinning outside - even in the city! Here, this patio becomes the perfect backdrop for a fun outdoor dinner party. The string lights and city backdrop ad some mood, while the tablescape encourages guests to linger.

We love how this small floating apartment capitalizes on its deck. With comfy chairs and a fun umbrella, the living space is extended far beyond the listed square footage.

Does it get any more Pacific Northwest? We think not! The multi-toned wood, greenery, and natural colors make for an outdoor space that feels right a home in the Seattle area.

Not only doe this patio feature a fireplace, which immediately makes the space more inviting, it has chairs with deep cushions. Deep cushions automatically make you and guests want to sink and stay awhile.

Ready to explore how to create these looks in your own Pacific Northwest backyard?

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