Gardening Wherever You Want

window boxes

It doesn’t matter how big your space is. If you want to garden — you can. You just need a little ingenuity and creativity. Because whether your thumb is green or black, nurturing plants can help freshen your air and your life.

3 Small-Space Gardening Solutions

The following gardening solutions will allow you to start a garden in practically any home.

Window Boxes

When you think about “gardening,” window boxes probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, this space-friendly solution has a plethora of benefits — not the least of which is how they can brighten up your home’s exterior and the view from within.

One of the things to keep in mind when it comes to window boxes is that they aren’t a single-season commitment. Because of their very public presence, you want them to look good throughout the year. To create a cohesive look, you want to choose flowers in a similar color palette (warms might include red, orange, and yellow or cools could be pink, purple, and maroon).

You’ll want to select no more than three kinds of plants, which you can repeat in all of your flower boxes to create a cohesive look. To give the boxes even more something-something, consider adding a while trailing plant. The use of white helps the colors you’ve selected pop even more.

Good Window Box Containers

Fiskars 24-Inch Deck Rail Planter Box – Great for putting on a fence rail, deck or patio railing.

Gardener's Self-Watering Windowbox – We love how these beautiful window boxes take on one of the big tasks — watering — for you!

Terrain Zinc Hayrack – With its rustic-chic style, this mounted window box offers a bit or romanticism to your home.

wall planters

Living Wall

The traditional ‘living wall’ requires a very intense setup and lots of on-going care. Plants die and have to be replaced. Others can require an immense amount of maintenance. And others still can overtake an area.

But on the upside, vertical planters are a way to let you garden in a very small space. They also can offer a beautiful backdrop, both inside your home and outside. The trick is to create a living wall that doesn’t completely consume your life or break your bank. Luckily, this is more than possible if you take the right approach.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, most locations for a ‘living wall’ are on the shady side. This means you want to stick to plants that thrive in the shade, like ferns. Another thing to keep in mind is drainage. While ferns don’t want to dry out, you also don’t want to drown your plants.

Good Living Wall Containers

Wally Eco White Wall Planter – Fabulous for drainage and offers a sleek design that doesn’t over-power your wall.

Ceramic Wallscape Planter – For a modern wallscape, these ceramic planters offer a bit of elegance.

Wall Planter Rack + Clay Pots – No need to worry about how to space your planters with this one. The beautiful copper rack takes care of that.

potted plants

Potted Garden

The potted garden has long been a favorite for those with patios. And with good reason. Pots allow you to scale your garden to your space — the bigger the patio the more pots. They also allow you to easily move your garden around depending on the time of year. This might mean repositioning your plants to take advantage of sun or it could mean bringing more delicate plants inside during the cool winter months.

One of the big things to keep in mind when you’re planting in pots is to group like plants together. Specifically, you want to put sun-loving plants with other sun-loving plants. You want to put thirsty plants with other thirsty plants. That way you can care for each plant as it needs to be cared for.

You’ll also want to consider whether or not you’re dealing with an invasive species. Mint, for instance, can grow like a weed and quickly overtake a pot, killing its fellow inhabitants. So, you’d want to plant it by its lonesome.

Good Pots for Gardening

Radius Planter – Ultra chick and available in differing sizes, these fun planters also offer a drainage hole.

Concrete Fluted Planters – Very sturdy, these concrete planters are beautiful without being overwhelming so that your plants can be the star they are.

Terra Pot Planter – The classic look of terra matches nearly every patio style and looks good for years to come.


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