Why Cover Your Patio Furniture?

Patio Covers

Sitting outdoors as the sun sets with a cocktail is a lovely way to spend an evening. But what happens when those warm summer nights turn into cold gloomy days? If you’re like most folks, you won’t be passing your time on the patio.

Which means you won’t be relaxing on your patio furniture. So rather than leave your outdoor furniture to survive the elements, cover it. Covering your patio furniture is essential to protecting your investment. 

This crucial step helps keep your outdoor furniture looking great for years to come. Because Mother Nature can be a tough mistress, especially during the winter. Giving your furniture a layer of protection can ensure it doesn’t become worn and broken.

Use the following tips to select the best covers for your furniture:

3 Tips for Selecting the Best Covers for Your Patio Furniture

1. Use Your Furniture’s Dimensions as Your guide

You don’t go buy yourself a pair of pants two sizes too big or three sizes too small. Why then, would you buy furniture covers that don’t fit your patio furniture’s dimensions? That’s just craziness!

In order to provide your patio furniture the maximum protection, you want to buy covers that fit. Because if they’re too small, not all of your furniture will be covered. If they are too big, they can shift and expose your furniture or allow an excess of moisture to get trapped inside.

This means you typically want to avoid ‘one-size-fits-all’ covers. Before you buy, measure your furniture’s height, width, and depth. Use those dimensions as your guide.

2. Select Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

When it comes to surviving the winter, moisture is one of your biggest enemies. It causes a myriad of destruction. And even if it doesn’t cause your patio furniture to break, moisture will undoubtedly cause your patio furniture to get all kinds of funky.

This can force you to do a lot of work come spring or summer when you’re ready to uncover those bad boys.

So, select waterproof furniture covers. Additionally, make sure your patio furniture is completely dry before you cover it.

3. Use your Tie Downs

Most patio furniture covers come with some kind of tie downs. These aren’t just for looks. They’re functional. And, you want to use them. They will help keep your patio furniture covers in place so your furniture is not exposed to the elements.

Furthermore, if you aren’t completely happy with the tie downs included with the covers, you may consider using a few of your own.

BONUS: Store Inside

It’s certainly not possible for everyone, but if you can, consider moving your patio furniture inside during the harsh weather months. This can cut down on cleaning come spring. However, you’ll still want to cover your furniture. Excess dust can still be quite nasty to clean.

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