The Advantages of Weather-Resistant Resin Wicker

The Advantages of Weather Resistant Resin Wicker

Weather-resistant resin wicker gives the elegant look of wicker furniture a durable update.

It is generally believed wicker furniture is made for outdoor spaces. Just think of a Southampton porch. Woven rattan offers a polished look as common to the region as ice tea on a warm day and mint juleps at the racetrack.

But, did you know wicker furniture isn’t actually designed for outdoor use? Moisture can cause root. Extreme fluctuation in temperatures can cause the wood to swell and crack. And, sunlight can make the color fade. 

Luckily, several patio furniture companies have developed a weather-resistant alternative known as resin wicker. (Brown Jordan was the first company to introduce this revolutionary product. They call it Resinweave®.)


How Resin Wicker Patio Furniture is Constructed

Resin wicker furniture begins with a sturdy aluminum frame. Once constructed, the frame receives a powder coating that makes it resistant to rust.

The resin wicker – a synthetic material designed to appear like wicker – is then woven around the frame in a similar fashion as traditional wicker. The material is thread together creating a more full-figured look.


Loose Seat Cushions Add Comfort to Resin Wicker

As with traditional wicker, resin wicker doesn’t have a lot of give. While the broad frame offers a significant amount of support – it doesn’t make for a leisurely lounging experience. This is why the majority of resin wicker furniture is fitted with loose seat cushions. The added comfort transforms your outdoor space into an extension of your home.


Caring for Resin Wicker is Simple

Because traditional wicker furniture can’t withstand Mother Nature’s extremes, it should be pulled inside between uses. However, resin wicker is different. It’s rust, rot, and fade resistant. If it gets dirty, simply remove the cushions, hose down the resin wicker, and allow it to dry. If there’s a buildup of dirt and soil, you can use a soft bristle brush with a mild soap and water to gently scrub it clean.


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