Bringing a Sense of Calmness to Your Patio with Candlelight

candle light

Candlelight sets a mood that can’t be matched by light bulbs or flashlights. There is a calmness to candlelight. It creates an instant sense of intimacy and intrigue. When used outdoors, candlelight allows you to naturally illuminate your outdoor space during the evening, creating an extension of your home. 

The following examples offer simple and creative ways to incorporate candlelight into your patio’s décor:



Pillars are a great way to add candles at varying heights to a space. You can arrange them on a tabletop or if your pillars are particularly large, on the ground. This helps you layer the light, adding a bit more depth to the design. One of the keys is to make sure you always place your pillars on a steady surface.


Floating Candles

Placing one or a few floating candles in a shallow bowl makes for a very dramatic centerpiece. This decorative touch is ideal for dinner parties, as it does not interfere with your guests’ line of sight.



Like pillars, lanterns offer a fun way to decorate your patio with candlelight. Use lanterns in a variety of sizes as a centerpiece. Or, hang a few lanterns throughout your garden to disperse the light. To add a little something to the lanterns, you can adorn the bottom of the lantern with a few fresh herbs, like rosemary. Just be sure your herbs are substantially shorter than your candles.


Electric Candles

While real candles certainly give off a beautiful glow, they can be a bit messy and time intensive. Electric candles dipped in wax offer an elegant alternative that’s mess-free and safe. To really simplify things, look for electric candles that are operated by a remote. This allows you to easily turn them on and off at a moment’s notice.


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