Cinco de Mayo Recipes Perfect for the Patio

Rhubarb and Jalapeno Tonic makes a bright and spicy cocktail perfect for Cinco de Mayo.

In the Pacific Northwest, Cinco de Mayo is a lot like Opening Day to patio lovers. It’s the teaser of outdoor parties – the moment when the sun may or may not show up. It’s the time when you just want to step outside with a great cocktail and few good bites for a leisurely moment lounging on your outdoor patio furniture.

Cinco de Mayo is almost here.

Be still our hearts.

Looking for a few key cocktails and bites? Here are a few of our top picks!

 Throw an epic Cinco de Mayo party on your patio with these cocktails and bites.

Rhubarb and Jalapeño Tonic

Tart rhubarb is turned into a sweet syrup. Spicy Jalapeño is muddled in a cocktail shaker. Fragrant gin. A dash of soda. This is the kind of bright, spicy cocktail meant to be enjoyed while soaking up the sun.


Sticky Braised Pork

Ashley from Not Without Salt served her braised pork on a bed of polenta. Which is lovely. But for your Cinco de Mayo party, we’d suggest a more finger-friendly presentation. Also known as ‘the taco.’

Because when you’re eating on the patio, don’t tacos just seem like the go-to solution? We think so!


Orange Raspberry Margaritas

Seattle food blogger extraordinaire, Heather Christo, did it again. In a uniquely re-imagined margarita, she pairs orange and raspberry for a sweet libation filled with vitamin C!

Um…could we have two?


Fried Halloumi Tacos

Avocado Godess, Gaby Dalkin from What’s Gaby Cooking, once again throws down with a taco perfect for any occasion – especially Cinco de Mayo! Frying halloumi, an ultra firm cheese, she’s created a dish filled with salty goodness.

These tacos are perfect topped with guacamole, as Gaby recommends. And, they pair perfectly with a cocktail.

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