Container Gardening 101

Container Gardening 101

Have you ever strolled through a farmer’s market and thought to yourself, “I wish I had my own garden?” Have you felt like it wasn’t an option because you don’t have a big enough patio?

Let go of your excuses.

No matter what you want to plant – vegetables, fruit, flowers or shrubs – it can be planted in some version in a container. They key to success is planning. Use these steps as your checklist to get started. 


Pick the Right Size Container

Give your roots room to grow, even if it means limiting the number of items you plant. Goodies, like carrots and tomatoes, need ample room for their roots. While a 6-inch pot can accommodate marigolds, you’ll want something larger, like a 12-inch pot, for many of your hearty edibles.

Insider Tip: Consider how tall you expect each plant to be. The depth of the root system typically mirrors the height of the plant.


Plan for Drainage

Just like anything else, plants can drown if left in too much water. If your containers aren’t already equipped with drainage, drill small holes in them.


Use Good Soil

In the same way your body thrives on a nutrient rich diet, your plants do too. Make sure to use high-quality potting soil rich with fertilizer. This will help your plants flourish.


Give Those Babies Some Sun

Even shade loving plants need some sun. Position your pots to take advantage of those summer rays.


Water on the Regular

Think fertilizer and nutrient-rich soil are enough? Wrong. Water your plants regularly! If you don’t, they will die of dehydration.


Worried you are too late to start planting? Don’t be. Check your local nursery. Most carry a variety of starters ideal of your region. Here in the Pacific Northwest, an easy way to get started is with cherry tomatoes.