Elegant Outdoor Furniture Solutions Offer the Perfect Staycation


Traveling to an exotic beach or exploring the Pacific Northwest isles in the San Juan Islands isn’t the only way to ‘get away’ this summer. After all, with work deadlines, summer camps, and a potential Mariners playoff run in the works, who has time for an extended getaway?

Instead, treat yourself to a beautiful staycation with elegant outdoor furniture. With the right pieces, you can bring a rich outdoor furniture look to your Bellevue home that will last for years to come.

Just imagine if escaping the daily grind was only a few steps beyond your back door. Picture the sense of quiet, the opportunity to relax, and the space to celebrate. The following tips and suggestions can help you liven up your Eastside or Seattle patio in no time.

Bring the Comfort

The first step to creating a space you want to be, whether that’s inside your home or in your backyard, is to make it comfortable. If there’s no comfortable place to sit, you’re not going to want to stay for an extended period of time.

Generally speaking, our go-to for prolonged lounging and comfort is a plush outdoor sofa outfitted with extra deep cushions. We often recommend selecting a sectional, which allows you to re-arrange your seating as desired – giving you the maximum in flexibility.

The Kingsley Bate Azores line has been a consistent favorite. With its combination of hand-woven resin fiber and handsome teak, it offers an eye-catching mix of textures.

If you’re limited on space, the Kingsley Bate Chelsea Seating collection has a beautiful teak loveseat. Offering comfort and encouraging cuddling, it’s all-teak frame delivers a timeless look that’s built to last.

Add Some Warmth

Even with the heat of summer, the nights in the Pacific Northwest can be cool. If you want to make sure you can enjoy your patio furniture in Seattle even after the sun has set, it’s a good idea to bring your own heat to the space.

One of the best ways to do so is with an outdoor fireplace. We’re partial to gas-powered fire pits. Not only are gas-powered fire pits easy to turn on, they don’t require any messy cleanup – a total win for those embarking on a staycation.

Plus, you won’t just enjoy your fire pit this summer. You’ll enjoy it throughout the year, as this heat source can turn your outdoor space into a multi-season extension of your home.

Light it Up

It’s a rare evening when you want to sit in the dark by yourself or with other people. It’s just not in our human nature. We like to see things. Which means, if you want to enjoy your patio furniture after sunset – you need to add some light.

You can add patio lights in a variety of forms. Overhead string lights can be lovely. For a quick and cheap option, you might simply repurpose old holiday lights. However, for a refined look, consider outdoor bistro lights. Go for the sturdy, year-round kind that won’t need to be taken down at the end of summer. This cuts down on the work, while offering a brighter glow from the larger, more substantial bulbs.

Another favorite for outdoor patio lighting is solar lanterns. Jump onto Amazon and you’ll find some cheap plastic choices. They can get the job done, but they often look tacky – especially during the day. For a more sophisticated addition, Gloster’s Ambient LED Lighting solar lanterns deliver a soft sun-powered glow with teak accents.

We’re also partial to the Fermob Balad LED Light. It offers two brightness settings and the handles come in a variety of colors. The lanterns on their own can be placed on tabletops and scattered throughout your patio. However, we’re partial to pairing them with the lamp stands, which allow you to suspend the light where you want it.

Unplug. Treat Yourself to a Drink. Let Yourself Unwind.

The final step to the ultimate Seattle staycation on your own patio is to let yourself take a break. Give yourself an entire unplugged day. Put the phone down. Slip on a pair of sandals. Pour yourself a tasty drink. Give yourself the chance to unwind and spend time with your friends and family.

You deserve it!

Visit our Seattle or Bellevue stores to find the ultimate in comfortable patio furniture that’s built to last.


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