Essential Spring Gardening Tips


Winter threw our Pacific Northwest gardens quite a few curveballs. Mother Nature pounded the Seattle area with wind, rain, and snow. And while our yards tend to be hearty, most of them are still in need of a little spring TLC.

These tips will help you get you outdoor space in tip-top shape so it’s ready when the weather reaches its peak.

Show your garden some TLC with these essential gardening tips.

Give it a Good Cleaning

Dirt happens. (Especially in the garden!) Debris, like leaves and twigs, accumulates throughout the winter. Weeds begin to take hold. Moss grows. Pine needles fall. And all together, it can take over your garden and stifle the plants you love.

Now that we’re starting to see a little break in the crazy, clean up your garden. Pull weeds – making sure to get all the roots so they won’t grow back. A good trowel and fork will come in hand. You’ll also thank yourself if you slip on a pair of sturdy gloves.

Rake leaves and twigs that have accumulated on the ground. (You’ll probably want to get up and clean the gutters too! There’s most likely a lot of junk up there that can damage your gutters and often re-clutter your garden.)


Feed its Soil

Think of the soil like your garden’s stomach. Put good things into and good things will happen. Throughout the winter, the soil gets stripped of nutrients.

As it gets flushed with excess water, those key minerals your plants need to grow are used up and pounded away. This can leave the ground hard and lifeless. Breakup the soil and mix in fertilizer to increase its health and give your plants the food they need.


Treat Your Plants to a Trim

Take a look at your garden. Which plants survived the winter? Throughout the winter months, plants are mostly dormant. To encourage them to start growing again, they’ll need to be pruned.


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