Essentials for Hosting a Worry Free Party on the Patio

Comfortable seating makes for a worry free outdoor entertaining space.

True or false: When you host a party, do you seem to spend most of the time worrying whether or not your guests are comfortable?

Feeling like you have to constantly take care of guests is so frustrating! Sure, you want them to have a good time. But you should have a good time too!

Preparation is the key to hosting a party that’s as much fun for you as it is for those you invite. Whether your guests are gathering inside your home or on your patio, these principles will help you set up a space that naturally takes care of those who attend. 


Comfortable seating, serving platters, and stemless glassware make for hosting a worry-free party.

Comfortable Seating

Does offering comfortable seating sound obvious? You’d be surprised how easy it is to overlook. Take stock of your space. There’s probably a seat, the most comfortable one, where you typically to land. What are the other seats like? Do you have enough seating?

A large patio sectional with deep-seated cushions offers multiple comfortable places for guests to rest. Alternatively, a love seat paired with lounge chairs gives you the ability to rearrange your seating as needed.


Serving Platters

Food makes almost every situation better. Having a variety of easy, finger-food snacks your guests can grab and nibble helps the party just keep rolling along smoothly. But you don’t want to just dump food on the table. That’s why every great hostess has at least a few serving platters on hand.

Look for a platter that’s flat and one that’s oval. You’ll also find having a few bowls will be helpful.



Like food, drinks are always a party must. Make sure you have glassware on hand. Opt for glassware that won’t tip. This cuts down on messes and broken glasses.

Stemless wine glasses can be used for wine and cocktails, making them perfect for your party.


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