Our Favorite Fall Porch Decoration Ideas

Our Favorite Fall Porch Decoration Ideas

We love fall. We love the rich orange and deep gold leaves. We like the crisp touch to the air and the excitement of the holidays. And because we love fall so much, we love decorating. These are some of our favorite fall porch decorating ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing.


Few things scream fall more prominently than pumpkins. Carving a few jack-o-lanterns is always a nice touch as Halloween approaches. But these orange gourds don’t have to be tossed simply because the time for ghosts and ghouls has passed. Decorate your porch with a few pumpkins of varying sizes and colors. They are a decoration that will carry you through Thanksgiving.

Leaf Wreath

Orange and gold leaves aren’t just pretty on trees You can turn them into a leaf wreath. If you love DIY projects, Martha Stewart has an easy to follow video tutorial you can see here. Otherwise, this time of year many local stores have a variety of leaf wreathes on hand.


Fall Signs

Themed signs can also add a fun touch to your porch. Stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Tuesday Mornings and Michael’s carry a variety of pre-made choices. However, you could also make your own by painting a simple wood plank.


Dry Corn Wreath

In addition to leaf wreaths, we are partial to dry corn wreaths. These fun multi-colored wreaths speak to the harvest. Want to showoff your dry corn, but not feeling the wreath idea? Use a large pot to create a fall inspired arrangement. Place some of the ears with the tops down and some with the tops up. Allow the husks to flow out and over the pot. This will add extra layers of texture to your arrangement.


What are some of your favorite ways to decorate your porch during the fall? Drop by one of our two locations and share. We always love to get more ideas.