Fourth of July Recipe Ideas


Blueberry Scones

More Fourth of July patio celebration recommendations. You can thank us later.

The Melting Pot Burger
America is called a melting pot for good reason. Different cultures have been coming here and combing for years. No place is that more evident that in our cuisine where flavors blend, constantly changing and evolving. Local food blogger Heather Christo is always incorporating multiple regions in her food. Take her Grilled Lamb Burgers for example. She put a delightful Greek twist on an American staple. (It makes total sense. Her hubby’s Greek after all.) 

Devil of a Pleaser
It’s hard to go wrong with deviled eggs. While they won’t satisfy your vegan crowd, they’ll most definitely please your vegetarian, gluten free and meat eaters alike. Flavor packed and indulgently satisfying, local blogger Molly Wizenberg’s Deviled Eggs with Basil Aioli and Capers are infused with touches like Dijon mustard and capers. They give these handheld bites a zesty kick.

Give ‘em a Carb
Be honest. The Fourth of July tends to be celebrated with a few cocktails. (Recipe recommendation to follow.) And, cocktails sometimes come with hangovers. Beyond hydrating and the obvious self-monitoring, carbs are an essential. This Blueberry Scone recipe adds some blue and white to the party. If you want to throw a bit of red into the mix, raspberries or strawberries make an excellent addition.

The Cocktail
Every year folks suggest Fourth of July cocktails. It’s a delightful excuse to experiment. However last year, Seattle Magazine shared a gin infused libation that was so tasty we held on to it long after the Fourth of July had passed. Dubbed “Admiral” after the men and women who make celebrating this country possible, it’s spiked with lime juice and cherry for a sweetly taste that brings a refreshing touch on a hot day.