Games Perfect for Your 4th of July Party

4th of July Games

With 4th of July just around the corner, we’re gearing up for the ultimate backyard party full of BBQ goodness, bright cocktails, and games!

These fun and engaging games are perfect for guests of all ages. They’re simple to set up and great for playing outdoors.


DIY Lawn Bowling

If you think bowling is awesome, you’re going to think lawn bowling is epic. Gather 10 empty two-liter bottles. Using a funnel, pour one or two handfuls of sand into each empty bottle. (The sand will help keep them from tipping over too early.)

Wrap 5 of the bottled in white paper and 5 in blue paper. On flat section of lawn, arrange bottles in a triangle shape closely together. Invite participants to attempt knocking down the cones with a red, rubber ball.


Lawn Twister

Cut a medium sized circle on a piece of cardboard (roughly 6- to 8-inches in width). Using spray paint, paint a row of six, evenly spaced green circles. (Circles should be roughly 6-inches apart.) Repeat the process with a parallel row of yellow, then blue, then green circles. (Rows should be roughly 6-inches apart.)

Paint each side of an 8-sided die, green, red, yellow and blue, so each color is represented twice. Invite participants to toss die on a flat surface, using the color rolled to dictate where hands and feet go. Who can twist the longest?



Also known as beanbag toss, cornhole has become quite popular in recent years. Easily played with one hand, it’s a game that’s accessible to both kids and adults. You can build your own cornhole set. (This guide is great.) Or you can buy one.


Sponge Water Toss

As fun as water balloons can be, picking up all the little plastic pieces is the last thin you want at the end of a party. Sponges soaked in water offer the same wet goodness and playful tossing without the crazy cleanup.


Donut Bobbing

Using string, hang donuts from the low branches of a tree. Then, invite the kiddos to try and grab them with their teeth!

Outdoor games perfect for the 4th of July

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