Gifts for the Gardener in Your Life

wrapped holiday gift

‘Tis the season to celebrate the loved ones in your life. And there’s no better way to show that special gardener how much they matter than with a gift that supports their passion. 

Cold Frame

cold frame is an enclosed structure with a transparent roof. It’s typically built close to the ground and often also has transparent sides. It allows gardeners to start seeds outdoors by giving them a warm space that maximizes daylight. Cold frames can’t be completely sealed, as the plants still need airflow. But they should be closed off enough to keep the majority of the heat inside.


When it comes to the “big” gift, a serious garden will go gaga over a greenhouse. This allows them to do things like plan seedlings well in advance and grow potted tropicals they wouldn’t normally be able to in our Pacific Northwest climate.  

Fruit Tree & Berry Bushes

apple tree

A fruit tree is the gift that gives more and more each year. While your loved one won’t want to plant their tree until spring, you can share the exciting news about their "coming soon" present this Christmas. Here in the Seattle area, good choices include:  

  • Cherry Trees
  • Apple Trees
  • Pear Trees
  • Blueberry Bushes


A wheelbarrow might not seem like a gift with a lot of pizazz, but it’s essential to every gardener. And if your gardener doesn’t have one, the addition will change their time in the yard drastically, making it easier to move items around. 

Cedar Raised Bed Kits

little girl taking pictures of flowers in the garden

Cedar is the best wood for raised beds because it’s naturally rot-resistant and looks beautiful. With a raised bed kit, you can place them pretty much anywhere you want, including patios and gardens. 

Gardening Books

When your gardener can’t be in the garden, chances are they’re thinking about the garden. Let them embrace their love from their love during the winter with a fabulous gardening book. The following are three of our favorites: 

Harvest Basket

harvest basket

There are numerous reason people love growing their own fruits and vegetables, but the most delicious reason is the final product. By growing your own fruits and veggies, you can grow varieties you won’t find in stores. And, you can grow them until they’re perfectly ripe and in their best condition. 

And when it comes time to harvest, you need a way to easily gather all your goodies — like a great harvest basket. As an added bonus, these beautiful baskets are also great for taking to the farmer’s market.  

Grow Lights

If your gardener is growing from seed, then grow lights are essential. Without them, it can be extremely difficult to get plants going indoors in time for spring planting. 

Good Gardening Tools

gardening tools

Like with most things, when it comes to gardening tools, you get what you pay for. Cheap tools tend not to work as well. They bend under pressure or break. The blades can quickly become dull. Or they’ll simply fall apart. 

When it comes to high-quality gardening tools, we’re partial to the Fiskars and Corona lines. Both companies make high-quality tools that work great and will last a long time. 

Flower Press

A flower press is a fun way to preserve the garden’s bounty. It’s something that a gardener will love — no matter their age. And, it’s something they can use for years to come.  

Good Rain Boots

rain boots

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it rains. Which means if you’re going to spend time outdoors, you’re likely to encounter wet and muddy ground. To keep your feet protected, you’ll want to keep them warm and dry. This is why good pair of rain boots of much boots are essential for an avid gardener here in the Seattle area. 

For a lower-profile muck boot, we’re big fans of the Muckster by The Original Muck Boot Company. Its sturdy footbed is equipped with a rubber sole to provide high traction. For a taller solution, the Hunter Floral Garden Boots by Terrain are as beautiful as they are functional. 

Comfy Outdoor Lounger

Kingsley Bate seating

All work and no relaxation can make for a sore back. Make sure there’s a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the beautiful garden by giving the gardener in your life a plush outdoor seat. 

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