How to Create a Dream Worthy Patio

Luxury Outdoor Seating

Kick back in a backyard that lets your imagination run wild. Infuse your patio with comfort and the gentle glow of overhead string lights. Make a space where you can spend hours getting lost with a good book and sipping tea.

There’s nothing quite like having a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle. A spot just outside your front door where you can breathe a little easier and dream a little bigger. 


Start with a Plush Seating

You want your outdoor furniture to be a seat you can sink into. You want it to be one that will envelop you, so that hours pass and you hardly even notice. The whimsical look of Brown Jordan’s Southampton collection is outfitted with plush seat cushions, which do just that. Its traditional cottage vibe brings a bit of whimsy to your patio, while the modern lines ensure it won’t look dated.


Use Elegant Outdoor Lanterns to Set the Mood All Day and Night

Whether clustered together or scattered throughout your patio, elegant outdoor lanterns set the mood, no matter the time of day. For easy use, outfit them with electric candles. This allows for a mess-free, simple on and off. Solar lanterns can be another beautiful addition, as they offer an eco-friendly way to light your backyard.


Stay Toasty

Yes. A blanket is always nice. But sometimes a blanket simply isn’t enough. An outdoor fire pit delivers both warmth and ambiance to your backyard. Select one with a lip around the edge and it can double as a table.


Grow Up

While getting out in the open is certainly a recipe for letting your dreams wander, you also need to feel safe and secure. Something as simple as a vine-covered trellis offers the sense of security created indoors without relegating you back inside.


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