How to Design Small Seattle Patio for Lots of Fun

Seattle condo balcony

Feel like your Seattle patio is too small for fun? Think again! Even if you live in city condo or suburb townhome with a narrow strip of yard — you can create your own outdoor sanctuary.

In fact, small spaces are filled with big opportunities. Because the less space you have, the more you’re able to get specific about what purpose you want it to fill. Use the following tips to make your Seattle patio your favorite destination.   

Consider the Types of Small Outdoor Spaces You Can Create

Now’s the time to really think about how you want to use your outdoor space. Do you want an oasis where you can relax? Are you hoping to give your kids a functional play area? Will this be an outdoor dining area to eat or gather for happy hour at home? Perhaps you want a spot to flex your green thumb.

The key is to think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home’s square footage. Even just an 8-by-8-foot patio gives you the opportunity to create something spectacular.

Keep a Small Space Few Rules in Mind

No matter how you want to use your space, the following rules will help you maximize it.

  • Make Pieces Dual-Purpose Whenever Possible – Small spaces mean floor space is a premium resource. Whenever possible, you want to select pieces that can serve more than one purpose. For instance, a bench seat may also have a storage compartment, perfect for everything from kids’ toys to throw pillows. A small buffet may be used to hold potted plants or a buffet for a small party.
  • Go Vertical — While floor space may be limited, look up. You’ve paid for the space above you too. When possible, go vertical. One of the best ways to go vertical is with planters. Not only is a vertical planter a great way to utilize your green thumb, it offers a fantastic way add beauty and privacy to a small patio. 
  • Go to the Edge — When you’re dealing with a large space, it’s good to keep furniture and accent pieces away from the edges. This invites you to look beyond. With a small space, move items as far to the edges as possible. This lets you maximize your floor real estate and promote better foot traffic.

How to Decorate & Inspire

Wishing you could make the space feel bigger, or cozier, or brighter?

  • Add a Mirror to Make Your Space Visually Bigger — Mirrors naturally reflect light. By hanging one on the wall, you can reflect your space upon itself, helping it appear like there’s more of it. 
  • Use Containers for Plants — Flower beds require a LOT of space and a LOT of water. Pots are a small-space gardener’s dream. They can easily be replanted as the seasons changed and moved as needed for light. Just make sure that the pots you choose are light enough — when filled with dirt — for you to move them.
  • Keep Your Accessories Simple — The less space you have, the more cluttered it will feel. To keep the clutter from taking over, keep your accessories as simple as possible. 
  • Stick to Neutral Colors with Pops of Color — In addition to keeping your accessories simple, you want to keep the colors on your patio simple. Not only does this help with reducing the visual clutter on your small patio, it helps you affordably update your space when you want. A brightly colored throw pillow, for instance, can add a lot of personality to a small space.
  • Don’t Forget About Light — Just because your space is small, chances are you don’t want to sit outside in the dark. As you design your outdoor space, make sure you consider how you will lick it. A solar-powered outdoor lamp can that can easily be repositioned as needed is an excellent choice. Overhead string lights can also be a good space-friendly way to light your outdoor space.

What to Consider When Buying Furniture for a Small Patio

Furniture that does double duty is always nice. That being said, you also want to think about comfort. It doesn’t do you any good to select furniture that does double duty, but is so uncomfortable you never want to use it.

Overstuffed lounge chairs and sectionals are beautiful, to be certain. But there are slimmer, space-friendly options, like Gloster’s Luna Dining Chairs, that offer a slim frame and comfortable seat. 

Stop by our Seattle or Bellevue locations to see a selection of the best, small patio furniture in the Seattle area.