How to Give the Underrate Patio a Well-Deserved Finish

all weather wicker patio furniture

There’s a tendency to overlook the outdoor patio. As so much of the design world focuses on kitchens, bathrooms and TV rooms, the outdoor living space is sadly neglected. But when the underrated patio is given its due, these coveted spaces can become extensions of the home — offering both highly prized square footage and a bright spot of fresh air to the otherwise staleness of indoor living. 

Why do so many forget to look beyond their four walls when designing and furnishing? In large part, this is because most furniture is made to be indoors. It’s not designed to weather the extremes of Mother Nature. 

Plus, here in the Seattle area, where it rains ‘just a little,’ creating a dry haven makes sense. But the secret we Pacific Northwest dwellers try and keep from the rest of the country shouldn’t be lost on us — it doesn’t rain as much as we claim. In fact, the grey and cold days of winter are met with brilliantly crisp and bright days throughout the spring, summer, and fall. 

So for those of us lucky ladies and gents who have outdoor spaces, let them not go to waste. Let them become an extension of your home, where your personality can shine a bit brighter, and your spirits can rise. 

For Those Who Love to Dine Alfresco

From a lively cocktail and appy party to a leisurely dinner under the stars, there’s something primally satisfying about dining alfresco. While you could go full caveman and eat from the floor, we’ve found this to only be fun in theory.

In order to make outdoor meals as enjoyable as your kitchen table, you’ll want to outfit your patio with an outdoor dining table. Position your outdoor dining table just beyond the doors to your kitchen to create a seamless flow between the inside and out — helping to encourage lingering (and seconds). 

For Those Who Dig a Space with Personality

Are you all about showing off your vibe? Your patio is a place to dive into this passion. Give your space tons of personality with big, bold colors. One of the easiest ways to do so is with bright patio cushions. And the added upside of patio cushions is they’re relatively affordable to replace. So as your tastes change, so too can the personality of your patio!

For Those Who Want Their Pod to Gather Outside

Do you wish your family spent more time outdoors together? A quick way to convince everyone from the littles to the bigs to get some fresh air is to make it comfortable. Covered patios, in particular, make for multi-season rooms that can be enjoyed in the sun and rain!

For Those Who Crave a Bit of Bohemia

While a lot of outdoor spaces try to mimic the indoors, offering the comfort and refinement of ‘home,’ a bohemian vibe can turn your patio into a tropical escape. Colorful pillows, oversized plants, and gauzy throws can give your mind the break it needs to feel refreshed and revitalized.

For Those Who Lean into an Artsy Vibe

Art and the outdoors are often a tricky combination. Luckily, Mother Nature offers art that’s both appealing and weather-withstanding (for the most part). A living wall can enliven your space, creating a focal point for your patio. Plus, you can dress it up seasonally with additional plants as desired. 

For Those with a Green Thumb

Do you love to nurture plants and watch them grow? Your green thumb not only offers beauty and color to your patio, it can help you create privacy — a particularly fabulous benefit for those who are living in the city. Consider using a variety of different sized pots to give your patio garden even more texture and height. Select patio furniture pieces can then be placed among your pots — offering you a chance to relax and enjoy.  

For Those with Lots of Space

Are you blessed with plenty of patio space? Take advantage of it! With a large outdoor space, you can create multiple different ‘outdoor rooms.’ This gives you a wide variety of options for lounging, entertaining or just escaping. Generally speaking, the best way to establish these spaces is by using furniture to create clear ‘zones.’ 

A large outdoor sectional offers a lounging zone. A plus set of chairs provides a quiet place to read and gather your thoughts. And a patio table invites loved ones to gather for a celebratory dinner. 

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