How to Pick a 3 Piece Patio Set

Brown Jordan Parkway Cushion 3 piece patio set

Great patio furniture can transform any outdoor space from a dreary footprint to your new favorite hangout. Discover how a 3 piece patio set can create an intimate destination — no matter how big or small your space may be. 

3 Piece Patio Sets are the Space-Friendly Solution 

Whether you live in Seattle or a suburb, like Bellevue or Woodinville, space is at a premium. Real estate prices are continuing to climb. And there’s no reason to let a square inch go to waste — inside your home or out. 

Three-piece patio sets are smaller than large outdoor sofas or outdoor dining sets. Their smaller footprint means they fit in more spaces. It also means these simple patio furniture sets can be utilized in multiple different ways. 

3 Benefits of a 3 Piece Patio Furniture Set

There are a wide variety of benefits to buying a patio furniture set, including:

1. You Can Embrace Your Love for Mixing and Matching

When you’re choosing just a few pieces, they don’t need to match perfectly. You may find two chairs that you love and pair them with a table from another set.

Just keep in mind that one of the keys to mixing and matching furniture is to maintain one similarity. This may be material, a consistent color or consistent genera. 

2. Multi-Purpose Pieces Can Sever Multiple Functions

Whether you have a 3 piece wicker patio set, teak or cast aluminum, don’t assume that those pieces can only be used in one way. In addition to them being a great destination for a party of two, they can also be incorporated into larger sets to create expanded seating and dining options.

3. Affordability

One of the big perks of smaller patio furniture sets is the affordability they offer. You can still get really high-quality furniture without having to shell out the kind of funds needed to buy a large sectional. 

Plus, if you already have a few pieces you love and simply need a ‘bit more’ seating, this can be a great way to add to your outdoor space.

What to Look for in a New Patio Set

Use the following tips to make the best investment possible:

Consider the Size

Before you start shopping, get out the measuring tape and measure how much space you actually have. Not all patio furniture is the same size. Some chairs and tables have slimmer frames than others. It’s important to take stock of how big your patio, deck or balcony is. Because it doesn’t do you any good to have chairs stacked on top of tables. No

Prioritize Comfort

Next to the furniture fitting in your space, nothing is more important than it is comfortable. If it’s not comfortable, it won’t get used. And if it doesn’t get used, then you’re right back to wasting your outdoor space. 

Shop for your patio furniture in person. Set aside some time to really linger. Sit in the furniture. And not just for a second. Take a seat for a few minutes. Let your body get a feel for whether or not you’d be willing to hang out for a while.

Be Familiar with the Maintenance

Some patio furniture requires more maintenance than others. Make sure you take stock of how much maintenance is required and what the maintenance specifically is before you buy. Some materials, like all-weather wicker or recycled materials, can be maintained with warm soapy water and a clean rinse — making them incredibly low maintenance. The same is true of teak, which is both low maintenance and extremely weather-resistant. 

Choose a Classic Look

A trendy piece can be tempting, but styles change. By picking a classic design, you’ll be able to invest in a patio furniture set that’s not quickly dated. Then, you can jazz things up with more affordable accessories — like throw pillows and modern lanterns.