How to Pick the Best Patio Furniture in Seattle

outdoor sectional furnitureIt’s time to make your patio the go-to hangout spot for your entire family. This is the best way to expand your home and your daily happiness while staying safe and protected. The key is to find the most comfortable patio furniture for your Seattle patio.

What Makes Great Seattle Patio Furniture?

The best patio furniture brings both comfort and function to your outdoor space. A spacious table with comfortable outdoor dining chairs or a luxurious outdoor sectional can take a simple patio or balcony and turn it into an outdoor destination. Add a fire pit or an outdoor heater, and suddenly you have a multi-season outdoor room that you can enjoy in the spring, summer, and fall.

Use the following tips to select the best Seattle patio furniture for your home:

Consider How You Want to Use Your Patio Furniture

Before you start looking at patio furniture, before you start sitting in patio furniture, before you start measuring your space or thinking about colors — consider HOW you want to USE your furniture.

Do you want your outdoor space to be a place you host dinner parties? Is it where you will gather for cocktails? Do you want it to be a place where you lounge with friends? Are you looking for a peaceful outdoor reading nook?

Take the time to make a list. And, order it by importance.  

Take Stock of How Much Space You Have

Depending on how big your patio is, you could section it off to create more than one outdoor space. For instance, you could have an outdoor dining room and an outdoor lounge space. Measure the space and write down the specs. You’ll want to take them with you, so that you can evaluate your options.

Test Out a Variety of Outdoor Patio Furniture

Now that you’ve decided how you want to use your patio furniture and taken stock of how much space you have, now’s the time to go give some furniture a test drive. Don’t just take a quick sit. Block out some serious time to go sit in a variety of patio chairs and loungers. You want to sit for roughly 15 minutes to start getting an idea of whether or not a piece is something you’d like for an extended period of time.

Be Cognizant of the Maintenance

Unless you’re okay with being a slave to your patio furniture’s upkeep, make sure to consider how durable it is and what kind of maintenance it requires. Generally speaking, you want to look for something that is weather-resistant and can be cleaned using a mild soap and soft sponge.

Keep Colors Neutral to Offer a Longer Lifespan

Good patio furniture is an investment. And, it’s not one you’re likely going to want to replace frequently. By buying patio furniture in a neutral color, you can extend your furniture’s lifespan. This doesn’t mean your outdoor space has to be boring. You can always dress it up with new, colorful throw pillows as your tastes and the season changes.

Pamper Your Feet with an Outdoor Rug

One of the biggest differences between an indoor space and an outdoor space is the ground. An indoor space with its blush carpets and polished hardwoods pampers your feet, helping them stay warm and comfortable. You can recreate this same environment on your patio by adding an outdoor rug.

Don’t Overlook Dual-Purpose Patio Furniture

Dual-purpose patio furniture is the best solution to maximizing space — something that can be particularly important for this with a small Seattle balcony. Pieces that serve multiple purposes can eliminate the need to make additional purchases, saving you money and space.

For instance, a stool can double as a bedside table. A bench can provide seating and act as a coffee table for informal outdoor dining. And, a large stuffed dining table chair can provide a cozy spot to read when not eating al fresco.

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