How to Select the Perfect Patio Heater

How to Select the Perfect Patio Heater

Since warm nights are turning into chilly evenings, you might be tempted to retreat inside. That’s why this time of year it’s more important than ever to make sure your outdoor space is equipped with the right patio heater.

Patio heaters allow you to turn your summer escape into a multi-season extension of your home. But, how do you know which one is right for you? 


Pick a style of patio heater that fits your outdoor space.

Patio heaters traditionally come in three different styles: stand-alone, tabletop, and mounted. In most cases, we’re fans of stand-alone heaters. Typically seven to eight feet in height, these movable heaters offer a 5- to 10- foot heat radius.

Tabletop units are smaller and often need to be secured to the tabletop through the same hole where you would place your umbrella. While a good alternative for those with limited floor space, they offer a significantly smaller heating radius.

Mounted patio heaters need to be attached to a ceiling or wall. This means they offer very little, if any, flexibility. If you want to move your furniture, your heater will stay in the same place.


Determine the best fuel source for your patio heater.

There are some electric patio heaters that use an infrared heating system. Additional options include propane and natural gas. Natural gas has some clear advantages, such as the fact you don’t need to worry about running out of propane. However, like electric patio heaters, natural gas patio heaters have a limited range. They can only move as far as the natural gas hook-up will allow. If you’re interested in moving your heater throughout your patio, propane gives you the most flexibility.


Select a patio heater that is beautiful and durable.

If you Google “outdoor patio heaters” you’ll get hundreds of thousands of options. However, the thing you want to think about is how durable and safe each option is. At summer House we pride ourselves on carrying only the highest quality brands that offer beauty and function.

Our collection of ambiance heaters features a sturdy base with a mesmerizing flame that is contained within a pyramid-like structure. Alternatively, our taller comfort series lifts the heat source overhead. Featuring a similarly sturdy base, it’s available in a variety of finishes.


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