How to Vacation in Your Own Backyard

peaceful backyard

Vacation traditionally means traveling to a faraway destination with friends and family. But this summer, take advantage of all the Pacific Northwest has to offer by vacationing in your own backyard. After all, staying home is the best way to avoid the crowds.

Dine Al Fresco

What’s one of the BEST parts of going on vacation? Eating on a beautiful patio, of course! Treat yourself to that same al fresco dining experience at home? Outfit your patio with a large patio dining table and patio dining chairs to create a space where you and your family can gather for dinner.

Host an Outdoor Movie Night

With a portable projector and a heavy-duty white sheet, any outdoor wall can become a movie theater. Stock up on popcorn and treats (including mosquito repellent) and settle in for an old-fashioned outdoor movie night. You and your family are likely to have so much fun this becomes a regular summer activity.

Setup a Temporary Pool

Most of us in the Seattle area don’t have a swimming pool in the backyard. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still want to take a dip on a hot day! There are various oversized, blow-up pools that can be set up and taken down relatively easily.

While these temporary pools aren’t cannonball friendly, they’ll certainly help you cool off. And even though they might not be the most attractive addition to your backyard — they’ll certainly be a fun one. Plus, they’re temporary. Set it up. Enjoy it for a bit, and then empty it out. Because you’re unlikely to have added chlorine, all that water can be used to help water your lawn!

Join the Tie-Dye Craze

Quarantine has brought out the best in some folks and we’re absolutely loving it. One of the trends that’s been the most fun is the current obsession with tie-dying. A kid-friendly activity, this rainbow-filled DIY project is one everyone will love. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a bit messy. In order to avoid making a mess or accumulating unwanted stains throughout your home, move your tie-dye project to the patio!

Camp Out

Sure, you could venture out to the woods. But it’s pretty hard to take things like ice cream to the campground. Camping out on your patio gives you all the creature comforts of home (like showers and a refrigerator) with all the fun of sleeping outdoors. Plus, this can be an especially fun way to round out that family movie night!

Make S’mores

“Summer fun” doesn’t get much better than roasting marshmallows over and open flame. Because a fire-scorched ball of fluff tucked between graham crackers and melty chocolate is the ticket to everyone’s inner-kid — no matter whether you’re big or small.

You could stick to the classic s’mores. Or you could make the party extra special by having a variety of ‘crust’ and ‘filling options. Explore our guide to throwing an epic s’mores party to get inspired.

Turn on the Tunes (and forget about the laundry)

When you go on vacation, you leave the laundry. You leave the dishes. You leave the ‘mess’ of living. Sure, you eventually come back to it. But for a few days (or most likely hours in this case) you leave it. Do the same thing at home. Turn on the tunes. Close the laundry room door, turn your back on the kitchen, and go outside. Take the break you deserve.

Create an Outdoor Reading Nook

Do the bookworms in your family need a little nudge to get outdoors? A comfy outdoor reading nook is likely just the thing. By turning a designated portion of your patio into an outdoor reading space, you can create an outdoor haven where they’ll love to curl up with their current read.

Start with a comfy chair, outfitted with oversized cushions. This will make it a place anyone would want to sit for a long period of time.

Next add an umbrella, to help readers avoid overheating or getting sunburned. This can also make it easier to read, as the sun can often reflect off the pages and hurt your eyes.

Finally, add an end table where readers could set a drink, snack and their phone. This brings all the comfort of your living room reading corner to your outdoor space.