How to Maximize Your Small Patio

small patios

You don’t need a huge patio to have a luxurious outdoor space. Let someone else waste hours caring for expansive lawns and massive flower beds. You can turn your small space into a relaxing retreat that can be enjoyed and maintained on your schedule.

Because if you live in the Seattle area you know space is at a premium and time is precious. There’s no reason to waste either! 

Big Comfort. Slim Frame.

When you don’t have an over abundance of space, large stuffed chairs might not be in the cards. That doesn’t mean you’re relegated to tacky plastic chairs. There are a variety of chairs with slim frames that are incredibly comfortable. Look for chairs with a woven fabric, sling seats. These expertly crafted seats offer pliable support that will flex and bend to your body’s needs.

Plush Pillows

While you’re skipping the overstuffed couches and chairs due to space, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of softness on your patio. Adding a few plush pillows brings luxury without taking up lots of room. Pillows are also a great way to add splashes of color and personality. When you keep your furniture neutral, you can swap out your pillows easily and affordably for a quick update.

Double Duty Pieces

In small spaces, items that do double duty are a great way to cut down on clutter. Small side tables that double seats allow you to maximize your patio’s capacity when guests are visiting. Benches that have storage beneath the seat are another excellent way to take advantage of your space. We even carry a side table that has a hidden ice chest beneath its top so you can keep drinks cool and have a place to set them!

Garden Up!

When you don’t have a lot of space to plant items like flowers, herbs, and vegetables, look up. Wall-mounted planted allow you to grow lots of plants even in a small space. You might also use hanging baskets.

Stop by our Seattle or Bellevue store to see our collection of slim framed patio furniture, colorful outdoor pillows, and double duty outdoor furniture pieces.