Outdoor Cushion Storage Solutions

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Outdoor chair cushions are essential to creating a lounge-worthy patio. They offer the comfort that makes your outdoor space rival your family room. In order to preserve their quality and comfort, proper outdoor cushion storage is essential. 

In the following tips and frequently asked questions, we’ll cover everything you need to know about caring for and storing your outdoor patio cushions. 

3 Outdoor Cushion Storage Ideas

The key to each of these three recommendations is protecting your cushions from moisture.

1. Use an Outdoor Cushion Storage Box

An outdoor cushion storage box is a large, enclosed container into which you can place your patio cushions. This container should be waterproof, with a lid that seals when closed to prevent moisture from getting inside. 

2. Use an Outdoor Cushion Storage Bench

Like a storage box, an outdoor cushion storage bench offers a dry and secure space into which you can place your cushions. The advantage of a storage bench is that it does double duty — providing you with both storage and a place to sit. This can be particularly ideal for those who are short on space. 

3. Put Your Cushions in the Garage

If you have room inside your garage or home, this is hands down the best place to store your patio cushions. A warm, dry space that protects them from mold and critters will help extend your cushions’ lifespans as long as possible. 

How to Prepare Your Cushions for Storage

Before you put your cushions away for the winter season, you want to prep them. Use th following four steps to make sure your atio furniture is tucked away safely.

  1. Remove Loose Dirt & Debris — Shake your cushions to remove any loose dirt or dentist that’s accumulated. You can take this a step further by vacuuming your cushions. 
  2. Do a Quick Spot Removal — If your cushion covers can be removed, take them off. Then, using a clean cloth and warm soapy water, gently dab any spots or stains to remove them. (If the covers don’t come off, you can spot clean them while they’re still on. Just be careful how wet you get the cushions.)
  3. Allow Cushions & Covers to Dry Thoroughly — The last thing you want to do when putting away your patio cushions is to put them away wet, as this will cause them to mold. Spread them out in a warm, dry space, allowing as much air to circulate around them as possible. Leave them there until they are thoroughly dry. 
  4. Place Your Cushions in a Warm, Dry Space — Once your cushions are thoroughly dry, you can stack them in a storage bin or shelf until you’re ready to take them out. 

Outdoor Cushion Storage FAQs

The follow frequently asked questions cover some key things not to do and a fun idea — enjoying your patio during the winter!

Is it okay to get my patio cushions out during the winter?

Definitely! We are big fans of spending some time on our patios during a crisp fall or winter day. The key is to make sure that your patio cushions are thoroughly clean and dry before you put them away again. 

How do you store outdoor cushions in the rain?

The number one concern when it comes to preserving your patio cushions is to keep them dry. Wherever possible, you don’t want them to sit out in the rain. The warm and dry space inside is the best place to store them. Alternatively, a storage box would work. At the very least, try and move your patio cushions under a covered area. 

Can you store outdoor cushions in plastic bags?

You can store your outdoor cushions wherever you would like. That being said, if you store them in a plastic bag, make sure they are thoroughly dry first. Plastic bags limit airflow, so if your cushions are wet when you put them inside, they will get moldy. 

Can outdoor cushions be left outside?

Yes, patio cushions can e left outside — especially during the warm, dry months. However, it’s best to move them to a dry spot during the winter to keep them from molding.