Outdoor Parties: Practical Hostess Essentials

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Throwing a party on your patio this summer doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Nor does it have to be a solo cup affair. By stocking up on your hostess essentials, you can always be ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

By stocking up on your hostess essentials, you can always be ready to go throw a party on your patio at a moment’s notice.

Outdoor Barware

Flimsy, red cups may be every college kid’s go-to barware. But chances are you’re not trying to throw a frat party.

Instead, make sure you have a selection of outdoor barware, such as plastic wine glasses and plastic tumblers. This will allow you and your guests to comfortably sip, without feeling like the cops could show up at any minute.


Cheese Board

Everyone loves a great cheese plate. But for a party, you want to give a little something special. Enter the cheese board. An elegant cheese board automatically ups the level of beauty and sophistication – no matter what you’re plating.



Do lights seem like a silly “hostess essential”? Maybe. But consider this – when is the last time you went to a party and stood around in the dark? As the sun sets, make sure your guests don’t feel the need to leave by having plenty of light positioned around your patio.

We’re big fans of Gloster’s LED lanterns. They are both elegant and functional. Another fun way to introduce light to your outdoor space is with the addition of a fire pit.


Friendly Games

Even the best of friends can often appreciate a jump-start to their evening fun. Having a few friendly games on hand can be the perfect icebreaker to get people laughing and interacting.


Easy to Arrange Decorations

Time-consuming decorations can often be more hassle than they’re worth. Skip them! Instead, go for decorations that are as easy to arrange, as they are beautiful. Accessories, like Chilewich’s colorful placemats, can instantly dress up your outdoor table.


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