Patio and Porch Mother’s Day Brunch Essentials


This Mother’s Day treat mom to a celebratory brunch on the patio or porch where the whole family can gather safely and have fun.

While Mother’s Day comes but once a year, it’s important to remember all that our moms do for us the other 364 days too. Because moms never stop being moms. They love us day in and day out, no matter what. No matter how old we get.

5 Mother’s Day Brunch Essentials

When it comes to the perfect Mother’s Day brunch, anything she will enjoy will be hit. But sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas. Use the following as inspiration to help you spoil your mom the way she deserves.

1. Fabulous Food

Pancakes and fruit are nice, to be sure. But for Mother’s Day, take it up a notch. Now is the time to focus on indulging mom. Give her a spread worthy of the queen she is. The following are some of a few recipes that are loaded with flavor and texture.

  • Bacon-y Buttery Quiche. This Bon Appetit recipe is particularly delightful because it can be made in advance. Baked ahead of time and served at room temperature, it pairs beautifully with a garden salad.
  • Whole Wheat Date Scones. These scones offer a healthy balance between healthy and sweet. They welcome a pat of butter or a smear of jam. Plus, they go wonderfully with some sausage.
  • Shakshuka. Eggs, softly simmered in a spicy, fragrant tomato sauce offer a luscious twist on a breakfast classic. Served family-style with some thickly sliced bread for sopping up extra egg yolk and sauce, this is sure to delight.
  • Dutch Babies. Just can’t seem to imagine brunch without the pancakes? Then take the pancakes up a notch. Dutch babies are a giant puffed pancake that offers a statement worthy of your mom.
  • Spanish Tortilla. Better at room temperature than served warm, Spanish tortillas are a potato and egg open-faced omelet that can be loaded with any number of ingredients, including scallions and onions.

2. Do the Dishes

Making brunch is one thing. Making sure mom doesn’t have to take care of any cleanup is another. This Mother’s Day, don’t just cook the meal. Make sure you clean up the kitchen at the end of the day.

You might be surprised, but not having to do the dishes may very will be the best gift your mom gets.

3. Awesome Cocktails (or Mocktails)

A glass of water and a cup of coffee are nice. But those are everyday affairs. Be ready with a drink that says this is a celebration. Use the following cocktails and mocktails as inspiration:

4. Fabulous Gifts

Ever noticed moms are often the ones giving gift? This Mother’s Day, make sure she’s the one getting a gift. The following are just a few, simple gifts that she can enjoy regularly. As an added bonus, many of the following ideas will encourage her (and the whole family) to get outdoors:

5. An Upbeat Playlist

Compile a list of your mom’s favorite tunes — whether they be 80s classics, country ballads, or jazz. They key is to pick songs that are fun and mom will enjoy. Turning these on, handing her a yummy drink, and inviting her to sit back and indulge are sure to make her unwind (if only just a little).

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