Planning Your Spring Patio Update

Planning Your Spring Patio Update

It might seem like winter is sure to stretch on forever. It won’t. Spring will be here before you know it. And while you could definitely re-do your patio when the weather turns warm – if you start planning now, you could score some killer deals.

Not to mention, you’ll be able to meticulously fine-tune the look and feel you want to create. 


Step 1 – Take Stock of What You Already Have

No need to go replacing perfectly good patio furniture you love. Take stock of the pieces you have already. Do you like them? Or would you like to replace and/or update a few? Mentally sort items into “definite keeps”, “definite tosses”, and “has potential”.


Step 2 – Consider the “Has Potential” Pile

What would have to happen for you to be happy about keeping some or all of the items in the “has potential” pile? Sometimes you can breathe new life into a tired piece of patio furniture by replacing the cushions. This is far more affordable than replacing it entirely.


Step 3 – Picture How You Plan to Use Your Dream Patio?

If you want a space to curl up with a good book, make sure you have a comfy chair. If you want to share cocktails outside with the gals – have plenty of outdoor wine glasses. If you plan to have the whole family gather for a large spread, you’re going to need a big outdoor dining table. By prioritizing how you plan to use the space, you can easily prioritize what you want to update.


Step 4 – Consider the Extras

What color scheme would you like? Do you want lots of edible plants? Do you plan to be outside more during the day or the evening? Accessories – like outdoor umbrellas, lanterns, and cushions – can help you add the extra bit of refinement to your outdoor space to make it a true extension of your home.


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